Slang Alley Apple means

Alley Apple means: Stone, rock, pebble

What is the slang definition/meaning of Alley Apple?

Alley Apple means: Stone, rock, pebble

Meaning of Alley Apple slang

Slang: Alley Apple means: Stone, rock, pebble

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Meaning of ALLEY APPLE

ALLEY APPLE means: Alley apple is American slang for a lump of horse manure.

Meaning of alley apple

alley apple means: Faeces, shit.

Meaning of Alley Apple

Alley Apple means: Stone, rock, pebble

Meaning of TIN PAN ALLEY

TIN PAN ALLEY means: Tin pan alley is slang for an area in a city where the popular−music industry is based.

Meaning of ALLEY CAT

ALLEY CAT means: Alley cat is slang for someone who prowls the streets at night looking for sexual partners.

Meaning of ALLEY OOP

ALLEY OOP means: Alley oop is basketball slang for a pass that is lobbed far through the air and tipped in by a player waiting near the basket.

Meaning of BIG ALLEY

BIG ALLEY means: Big alley is American Tramp slang for a main street.

Meaning of IN THE ALLEY

IN THE ALLEY means: In the alley is American slang for serve as a side dish.

Meaning of ALLEY

ALLEY means: Alley is slang for a pale or white marble.

Meaning of Tiger Town

Tiger Town means: Refers to an alley, street or district that had many gambling halls where Faro was played. Also referred to as "Tiger Alley."

Meaning of BLOOD ALLEY

BLOOD ALLEY means: Blood alley is American slang for a place where a four−lane highway narrows to two lanes.

Meaning of The Apple

The Apple means: New York city. This is now common usage.We got a gig up in "The Apple" at Minton's with Diz and Bird.

Meaning of APPLE SAUCE

APPLE SAUCE means: Apple sauce is British rhyming slang for a horse, particularly a last finishing race horse that 'ran like a pig'.. Apple sauce is American and Canadian slang for nonsense; rubbish.

Meaning of APPLE AND PIP

APPLE AND PIP means: Apple and pip is British rhyming back slang for to urinate (sip).

Meaning of THE BIG APPLE

THE BIG APPLE means: The Big Apple is American slang for New York City.

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Meaning of TEARAWAY

TEARAWAY means: Tearaway is slang for a wild, reckless, youth. Tearaway was old slang for a mugger.

Meaning of happy bunny

happy bunny means: Noun. A contented person. Usually heard used in a negative context when referring to depressed or miserable person. E.g."He's not a happy bunny, since losing his job."

Meaning of Bonkers

Bonkers means: To have sex

Meaning of Bag

Bag means: A person's particular interest.I'd like to play with your combo, dude, but your sound just ain't my "bag.".

Meaning of BJ

BJ means: Alphabetical code use in gay ads and in books. do the sex act; Fellatio; blow job, to suck a penis.

Meaning of Reg

Reg means: Slang for a regular clone trooper, as used by members of Clone Force 99.

Meaning of Worm-Fence

Worm-Fence means: A rail fence laid up in a zig-zag manner.

Meaning of DRINK

DRINK means: PCP

Meaning of CAYTHE

Meaning of AICKUER

Meaning of OIRTIYCH

Meaning of THIYRTUYF

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