Slang Chap means

Chap means: The very best

What is the slang definition/meaning of Chap?

Chap means: The very best

Meaning of Chap slang

Slang: Chap means: The very best

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Meaning of chap

chap means: Noun. 1. A man. E.g."This chap came up to me and told me to shut my mouth." {Informal} 2. A form of address. Usually associated with the speech of the upper classes. E.g."I say old chap, fancy joining us for a gin and tonic?" {Informal}

Meaning of OLD CHAP

OLD CHAP means: Old chap is British slang for the penis.

Meaning of wazzack

wazzack means: n idiot. When I originally put this on my website I spelled it “wazzak.” I received emails variously informing me that it was spelled “wazzock” or “wuzzock.” I then received one from a chap who claimed to have invented the word in South Somerset when he was seven and that “wazzack” was in fact the correct spelling. And the one I got from a chap in Nottinghamshire claiming that he invented it and it was spelled “wassak.” Why must society be like this? Why must we all lay claim to something? I put the two people in touch via email and they have subsequently fallen in love.

Meaning of Chap

Chap means: The very best

Meaning of Bloke or Chap

Bloke or Chap means: Man

Meaning of Blood

Blood means: Chap

Meaning of Chap

Chap means: A boy, lad, a fellow.

Meaning of old fellow

old fellow means: Noun. Affectionate term for one's penis. Cf 'old chap', 'old man', 'lad'.

Meaning of old chap

old chap means: Noun. Affectionate term for one's penis. Cf 'old fellow', 'old man', 'lad'.

Meaning of Keg commander

Keg commander means: the boisterous chap who hovers around the keg so as to ensure everyone knows how to properly pour a beer.

Meaning of old man

old man means: Noun. 1. Father, boyfriend or husband. 2. Affectionate term for one's penis. Cf 'old chap', 'old fellow', 'lad'.

Meaning of off one’s onion

off one’s onion means: adj Northern England crazy: Some chap was dancing with cars in the street – I think he was off his onion!

Meaning of off one’s rocker

off one’s rocker means: adj crazy: Some chap was dancing with cars in the street – I think he was off his rocker! And there I go again with the copy-paste. God, I love computers.

Meaning of fancy

fancy means: v be attracted to; have a crush on. Seen in contexts like, I really fancy that chap from the coffee shop or: Hey, Stu, I think that bird over there fancies you! Also has several other meanings which are universal.

Meaning of off one’s trolley

off one’s trolley means: adj crazy: Some chap was dancing with cars in the street – I think he was off his trolley! Yes, I did just copy-paste the previous entry.

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Meaning of CAPEESH

CAPEESH means: Capeesh is slang for understand.


ZACATECAS PURPLE means: Zacatecas purple is slang for a variety of Mexican marijuana.

Meaning of Earbash

Earbash means: Talk nonstop

Meaning of ain't

ain't means: (1) "is not", "am not", "are not". Example: "I ain't the guy you're looking for". (2)to indicate disagreement

Meaning of TANJ

TANJ means: There Ain't No Justice

Meaning of pushover

pushover means: A person easily convinced. Ask Zelda for 5 bucks: she's such a pushover, she'll give it to you.

Meaning of sex boy

sex boy means: Punk.

Meaning of Chuck

Chuck means: Food.

Meaning of BLUE RACERS

BLUE RACERS means: barbiturates


WRECKING CREW means: Relief crew. Derogatory term derived from the difficulty regular men sometimes experience in rearranging a car after it has been used by relief men

Meaning of COUPSA

Meaning of XOENIUJ

Meaning of EETUIRTE

Meaning of YOPTASTAH

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