Slang Mong means

Mong means: Moment

What is the slang definition/meaning of Mong?

Mong means: Moment

Meaning of Mong slang

Slang: Mong means: Moment

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Meaning of mong, mongchap

mong, mongchap means: Used for a very slow to react person, usually due to overexertion in some way or other (e.g. last night's piss up). Someone can be a mong, or they can be mongchap etc.,

Meaning of mong-out

mong-out means: Verb. Meaning the same as 'mong' (verb). E.g."Those pills were very strong, we only had one each but all monged out."

Meaning of mong, mongol, mongoloid

mong, mongol, mongoloid means: (1) A person (usu. a child) with the appearance of someone suffering from Downs syndrome. (2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. Note: spew mong, an exeptionally unpleasant person.

Meaning of mong

mong means: Noun. Imbecile, idiot. Offensive expression alluding to someone with Down Syndrome, being Mongoloid.Verb. To reach a drugged state where physical activity is minimal and mental faculties are incapacitated. Used frequently within the 'ecstasy' fuelled 'house' scene. Obvious relationship to the derogatory version of the noun 'mong'. [1990s]

Meaning of Mong

Mong means: Moment

Meaning of mongy bus

mongy bus means: Noun. A community care minibus for people with mental and physical disabilities. See 'mong'.

Meaning of biff (2)

biff (2) means: Person afflicted with spina bifida, but used perjoratively in a fashion interchangeable with "mong", "spazz", "eppy" etc.

Meaning of chico

chico means: Descriptor for someone of a mentally ambiguous state - i.e. spaz, mong eppie or whatever... or to put it another way, mentally challenged. Named after a man in the contributors home town who's name became used for anyone carrying out a "less than intelligent act". Is also used to describe someone less than attractive (for the same reason)

Meaning of mong

mong means: Mild term of rebuke for someone being particularly 'slow' or not following the flow of conversation. (Mostly because said person had been smoking weed and was too stoned to keep up.). A (happy and chilled) stoned person. From Mongol, or mongoloid e.g. someone suffering from downs syndrome, a happy idiot. Someone not too quick on the uptake.

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Meaning of DEADBEAT

DEADBEAT means: Deadbeat is slang for a poor or homeless person. Deadbeat is slang for a poor scrounger.Deadbeat is slang for a worthless or stupid person.

Meaning of DS

DS means: Ds is slang for hydromorphone hydrochloride.

Meaning of RETTES

RETTES means: Rettes is American slang for cigarettes.


ZILLIONAIRE means: Zillionaire is slang for a very wealthy person.

Meaning of rumpy-pumpy

rumpy-pumpy means: Noun. Sexual intercourse. Jocular use.

Meaning of SIT

SIT means: Stay In Touch

Meaning of Hang!

Hang! means: Interjection of frustration or emphasis. Hang! I can eat six hotdogs in in 10 minutes.

Meaning of Hog-Wallow

Hog-Wallow means: On some of the Western prairies, the ground has every appearance of having been rooted or torn up by hogs, when it is very rough, hence the name

Meaning of done for

done for means: In big trouble, finished. When you go to the big city, Luke, don't take any wooden nickels.

Meaning of MUIBUI

Meaning of GROAHYI

Meaning of POAVYEZO

Meaning of PTAOJEADE

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