Slang Pom-bear means

Pom-bear means: Woman

What is the slang definition/meaning of Pom-bear?

Pom-bear means: Woman

Meaning of Pom-bear slang

Slang: Pom-bear means: Woman

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Meaning of BEAR

BEAR means: Bear is slang for an irritable person.Bear is slang for a large, hairy, muscular homosexual.Bear is American slang for a police officer.

Meaning of Bear Down

Bear Down means: To approach something from upwind, to bear down is to sail fast, often towards the enemy in a threatening manner. Today to bear down is still used to describe "making a rush at", as well as exert strength or pressure upon something or to pay special attention in some situation.

Meaning of Bear Away, Bear Off

Bear Away, Bear Off means: To turn the boat away from the wind. Also, Fall Off. The opposite of heading up.

Meaning of Fall Off

Fall Off means: To change direction so as to point farther away from the wind. Also Bear Away, Bear Off or Head Down. The opposite of heading up.

Meaning of bear

bear means: Large amount, 'lots of', e.g. "I have bear amounts of sweets."

Meaning of BEAR'S PAW

BEAR'S PAW means: Bear's paw is London Cockney rhyming slang for a saw.

Meaning of oso

oso means: bear; large, heavy person. (lit.: bear)

Meaning of SMOKEY BEAR

SMOKEY BEAR means: Smokey Bear is American slang for a type of wide−brimmed hat. Smokey Bear is American and Australian slang for police.

Meaning of Bear or Smokey

Bear or Smokey means: Thought you might be interested to know that my dad, Al Corban, who is 87 years old and was a long-time trucker and driver says he originated the term "smokey" and by the same action originated the term "bear". In Montana, where he was operating for most of his life, there was a hauling job in which timber was being taken out of a National Forest area. Because of that the Forest Service had people checking the trucks to see that they were meeting all the standards. In fact, they could issue tickets and fines. The truckers would call each other when one was spotted somewhere and warn others about their presence. Since they wore the standard uniform with the "Smokey the Bear" hats, Dad started talking about them on his radio as "Smokey Bears" or, as it was quickly shortened to, "Smokies",a "smokey" or "Bear(s)". As time went on the term naturally got picked up and applied to any mobile law officer or any officer in general.

Meaning of TEDDY BEAR

TEDDY BEAR means: Teddy bear is London Cockney rhyming slang for a pear.


PADDINGTON BEAR means: Paddington bear is London Cockney rhyming slang for pear.

Meaning of Biscuits to a bear

Biscuits to a bear means: a waste of timeYou could try talking him into behaving himself, but it’s biscuits to a bear.

Meaning of BEAR TRAP

BEAR TRAP means: Bear trap is American slang for a difficult situation.

Meaning of gladly my cross-eyed bear

gladly my cross-eyed bear means: A corrupted line from the hymn "Gladly my cross I'd bear" - which caused much hilarity amongst schoolkids whenever it was announced in Assembly.

Meaning of Biffo the Bear

Biffo the Bear means: Hair. Me biffo's not looking the best today. Biffo the Bear was on the cover of Beano from 1948 to 1974.

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Meaning of CORN JUICE

CORN JUICE means: Corn juice is American slang for whisky.

Meaning of HEAD HONCHO

HEAD HONCHO means: Head honcho is slang for the most important boss.

Meaning of dicksplash

dicksplash means: Person of diminished intelligence or capability. e.g.applied to a person who performs an act incorrectly.

Meaning of scramble

scramble means: Shouted immediately prior to scattering of (usually somebody else's) money/packed lunch/articles of clothing/rare Panini collection was tossed skywards, thus causing a mass "bundle" as greedy classmates scrambled for the treasure... often a single penny.

Meaning of Pung

Pung means: A rude sort of sleigh, or oblong box made of boards and placed on runners, used for drawing loads on snow by horses.

Meaning of MEXICAN MUD

MEXICAN MUD means: heroin

Meaning of POLE PIN

POLE PIN means: Superintendent of telegraph

Meaning of PTIAGN

Meaning of ANEIBAH

Meaning of DAICHEWH

Meaning of CHIISHIER

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