Slang Stretch means

Stretch means: Expression of shock or disbelief

What is the slang definition/meaning of Stretch?

Stretch means: Expression of shock or disbelief

Meaning of Stretch slang

Slang: Stretch means: Expression of shock or disbelief

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Meaning of STRETCH

STRETCH means: Stretch is slang for to hang or be hanged by the neck. Stretch is slang for a year of imprisonment.Stretch is slang for a year.Stretch is American slang for a tall, thin person.

Meaning of stretch

stretch means: A term, especially in prison. My brudda did a stretch in Attica for kissing an on-duty police officer.


HALF A STRETCH means: Half a stretch is criminal slang for six months imprisonment.

Meaning of stretch some jeans

stretch some jeans means: To do the sex act.

Meaning of Tyburn Stretch

Tyburn Stretch means: To be hanged

Meaning of Stretch one

Stretch one means: Coca-cola

Meaning of Stretch one

Stretch one means: Coca-cola

Meaning of Stretch

Stretch means: Expression of shock or disbelief

Meaning of forbidden fruit

forbidden fruit means: Any boy under the age of consent, whom having sex could be a possible stretch in prison.

Meaning of STRETCH 'EM OUT

STRETCH 'EM OUT means: Take out slack in couplings and drawbars of train

Meaning of faire un entorse à

faire un entorse à means: bend; stretch [the rules]

Meaning of bog meadow

bog meadow means: an open stretch of grassy marshland

Meaning of stretch

stretch means: Noun. A period spent in prison.

Meaning of Stretch one and paint it red

Stretch one and paint it red means: Coca-Cola with cherry syrup

Meaning of Stretch Off the Land

Stretch Off the Land means: Old sailing ship term for taking a nap.

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JUNGLE JUICE means: Jungle juice is slang for alcoholic liquor, especially home−made liquor.


KILLER CARDS means: Killer cards is American slang for collector cards featuring the images, statistics, and grisly stories of murderers and serial killers.

Meaning of PLONK

PLONK means: Plonk (shortened from plink−plonk) is British slang for wine, especially cheap wine.

Meaning of pull a pig

pull a pig means: Vrb phrs. To seduce an ugly person. Also a cruel game of the same name, played by friends on a night out, the object being to seduce the ugliest person.

Meaning of specky-four-eyes

specky-four-eyes means: Noun. A juvenile name for a wearer of glasses (spectacles). Derog.

Meaning of rat

rat means: An informer, a tattle-tale. The little rat told the principal!

Meaning of Schindlers List

Schindlers List means: Pissed (drunk). Scapa off! Actually pronounce 'Scarper' - just one example of not being satisfied with the slang, they then mispronounce the word to thoroughly confuse everyone

Meaning of Circled

Circled means: Married

Meaning of ape | apeshit

ape | apeshit means: (in phrases go ape and go apeshit) wild excitement or great anger

Meaning of XEICHY

Meaning of THEAGNU

Meaning of NEEFAISH

Meaning of EEPTYOMYI

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