Slang Gagging means

Gagging means: - Desperate, in a fat slaggy kind of a way. Not nice.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Gagging?

Gagging means: - Desperate, in a fat slaggy kind of a way. Not nice.

Meaning of Gagging slang

Slang: Gagging means: - Desperate, in a fat slaggy kind of a way. Not nice.

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Meaning of gagging (for something)

gagging (for something) means: Phrs. To have an extreme desire for something. E.g."I'm gagging for a night of vigorous, sweaty, dancing."


GAGGING FOR IT means: Gagging for it is slang for eager for sex or more generally applied to an extreme desire for something.

Meaning of GAGGING

GAGGING means: Gagging is British slang for thirsty.

Meaning of gagging for it

gagging for it means: Phrs. Eager for sex.

Meaning of Gagging

Gagging means: Boss or foreman

Meaning of Gagging

Gagging means: Desperate, in a fat slaggy kind of a way. Not nice.

Meaning of Gagging

Gagging means: - Desperate, in a fat slaggy kind of a way. Not nice.

Meaning of roger (2)

roger (2) means: To have sexual relations with. Used as "She was gagging for it last night so I rogered her for hours!".

Meaning of gagger

gagger means: Person who indulges in cocaine use. Name derives from the 'gagging' sound as the coke hits the back of the throat.

Meaning of gantin

gantin means: (ed: entered almost verbatim) She was fair gantin on a shag but I wisnae gonnae knob that mingin hoor. Literally "gaping" (or possibly "gasping") now used in the same sense as "gagging". Origin: Old Scots.

Meaning of magics, magic mushrooms

magics, magic mushrooms means: Remarkably the little beaut's grow profusely every September/October on the local school fields, golf courses etc. around Sandbach, Cheshire, UK Shortly after growth, mushy eaters can be seen grazing (and gagging due to the musty flavour). (ed: I know nothing of this - honest officer!)

Meaning of howzit

howzit means: Greeting. Compilation of 'How is it?'. Response is usually "Howziiit!?" or "Wazzuuup!?". This is repeated back and forth from the first party to the second or third party (sometimes an entire group). Said in increasingly exaggerated tones, either at a higher pitch or grating, gagging growls (Similar to the screams of heavy metal bands) till limits are reached and bouts of laughter/good-natured cussing/playful violence ensue. This method of greeting can go on for five minutes or more. Originally from surfing culture.

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Meaning of OILY RAG

OILY RAG means: Oily rag is London Cockney rhyming slang for cigarette (fag).Oily rag is British slang for an inexperienced or incompetent motor mechanic.

Meaning of RASS

RASS means: Rass is Black American slang for the buttocks; the anus. Rass is Black American slang for a contemptible person. Rass is Black American slang for anal sex.

Meaning of chuffer

chuffer means: Noun. 1. A contemptible person. 2. An annoying, difficult or disappointing occurrence. E.g."It's a right chuffer, breaking my leg just before the football season starts." Chuffer is a euphemism for 'fucker'.

Meaning of fartleberry

fartleberry means: Noun. Excrement that adheres to anal hairs or fur. E.g."You're not bringing that dog back in the house until you've cleaned him up, he's covered in fartleberries." [Late 1800s]

Meaning of Winterpeg

Winterpeg means: Winnipeg Manitoba

Meaning of Taking the piss

Taking the piss means: One of the things Americans find hardest about the Brits is our sense of humour. It is obviously different and is mainly based on irony, sarcasm and an in-built desire to "take the piss". This has nothing to do with urine, but simply means making fun of someone.

Meaning of beanio

beanio means: A kid might have a 10p mix or a bag of midget gems or something and another kid would knock these out of his/her hands whilst shouting BEANIO. This was a signal for everybody to then make a mad scramble for the sweets which were now littering the playground.

Meaning of fuck-flat

fuck-flat means: An apartment or other place where sex takes place quite often.

Meaning of BLOW THE VEIN

BLOW THE VEIN means: injection misses the vein and is wasted

Meaning of EELAIS

Meaning of OAKUOPI

Meaning of UVOONEYF

Meaning of OIXAKIOKE

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