Slang CATTLE TRAIN means

CATTLE TRAIN means: Cattle train is Black−American slang for a Cadillac.

What is the slang definition/meaning of CATTLE TRAIN?

CATTLE TRAIN means: Cattle train is Black−American slang for a Cadillac.

Meaning of CATTLE TRAIN slang

Slang: CATTLE TRAIN means: Cattle train is Black−American slang for a Cadillac.

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CATTLE TRAIN means: Cattle train is Black−American slang for a Cadillac.

Meaning of Cattle Duffer

Cattle Duffer means: Cattle Rustler. See also Poddy dodger 2. A person who benefits from dishonest profit

Meaning of Cavvy

Cavvy means: group of saddle horses on a cattle ranch used to work cattle; also called remuda .

Meaning of Cattle Baron

Cattle Baron means: A cattle owner with numerous herds of stock, welding power and influence in an area.

Meaning of Cattle Kate

Cattle Kate means: A female cattle rustler.

Meaning of CATTLE

CATTLE means: Cattle is British slang for prostitutes.


CATTLE TRUCKED means: Cattle trucked is London Cockney rhyming slang for exhausted, beaten (fucked).


CATTLE MARKET means: Cattle market is British slang for a place where women congregate. Cattle market was old British slang for a brothel.

Meaning of Waddie –

Waddie – means: a hired man, especially in the western United States, who tends cattle and performs many of his duties on horseback; cowman, cowpoke, cowpuncher; sometimes refers to a cattle rustler; especially a cowboy who drifted from ranch to ranch and helped out in busy times.

Meaning of SAW BY

SAW BY means: Slow complicated operation whereby one train passes another on a single-track railroad when the other is on a siding too short to hold the entire train. Saw by is applied to any move through switches or through connecting switches that is necessitated by one train passing another


COWCATCHER means: Pilot. The old term was discarded by railroad officials, probably because it was a butt for jokesters. You've often heard about the passenger on a slow local train complaining to the conductor, "I don't understand why you have the cowcatcher on the front of the engine. This train can never overtake a cow. But if you'd attach it to the rear of the train it might at least discourage cows from climbing into the last car and annoying the passengers"


TRAIN SURFING means: Train surfing is slang for joy−riding on the top or outside of a train.

Meaning of train

train means: v. Several males having sex with the same female consecutively at the same location.  "After the game the football team ran a train on her." 

Meaning of DO A TRAIN

DO A TRAIN means: Do a train is British slang for to have serial sexual intercourse.

Meaning of Cow horse

Cow horse means:   a mount used mainly for working cattle; a good horse for working cattle.

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Meaning of DOLLAR

DOLLAR means: Dollar is British slang for pence.Dollar is obsolete slang for a five−shilling piece (a crown).


LEATHERING means: Leathering is slang for a beating.

Meaning of aggro

aggro means: Abbreviation of "aggravation". Something annoying.

Meaning of Nut

Nut means: Stupid, silly person.


BUTLER CRACK means: cocaine

Meaning of footer

footer means: an idle, lazy person

Meaning of GLIYVO

Meaning of EOMPAOF

Meaning of UPSINOKY

Meaning of ANEILEULS

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