Slang Epic means

Epic means: Episode.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Epic?

Epic means: Episode.

Meaning of Epic slang

Slang: Epic means: Episode.

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Meaning of epic fail

epic fail means: If a fail is a fail in life, then an epic fail is a fail of giant proportions. An epic fail can also refer to a task that is meant to be easy, but still wasn't carried out properly.  

Meaning of epic

epic means: Meaning great or amazing or with grand proportions.  "That performance was epic!" 

Meaning of Epic

Epic means: Episode.

Meaning of Ballin'

Ballin' means: Awesome, cool, epic!

Meaning of epi

epi means: What a stoner guy says instead of epic. Example: “Oh, bro. Trestles was so epi yesterday.

Meaning of epi

epi means: What a stoner guy says instead of epic. Example: “Oh, bro. Trestles was so epi yesterday.

Meaning of Ballin'

Ballin' means: Awesome, cool, epic!

Meaning of Ballin'

Ballin' means: Awesome, cool, epic!

Meaning of Quaddess

Quaddess means: an upper catagory woman, one with epic quads as in mythologic Greek proportions.

Meaning of epic

epic means: n. a ride that must last for at least six hours and include at least three mechanicals that add at least an extra hour to the ride time. Epics are usually started with a statement like "the trail is buff, should only take three hours." Similar to death march.

Meaning of tits-up (gone ...)

tits-up (gone ...) means: Description for a mistake or error of epic proportions. e.g. "Let's get out of here boss — it's all gone tits-up!", Contributor has no idea where this one comes from, just knows it's pretty common across the country and has been since they were a child. Brad (an ex-GI) sent in the following explanation: Tits-up is how a farmer hates to find his cows pr sheep 'cos a cow that's gone tits-up isn't much use! In other words it's dead! Is also used to describe a defective vehicle, project or piece of technology. A similar expression is 'belly-up' which is probably a euphemism for tits-up. The term is also used in US Military slang, abbreviated to "Tango Uniform" (which in the the phonetic alphabet is 'T-U').

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Meaning of ROACHA

ROACHA means: Roacha is slang for cannabis.


ROWTON HOUSES means: Rowton houses is London Cockney rhyming slang for trousers.

Meaning of bof

bof means: Noun. A contemptible, old person. Acronym of boring old fart.

Meaning of falsie

falsie means: Fake breast material, worn inside bra to make the breast appear bigger. Teenage girls often use toilet paper.

Meaning of Bogroll

Bogroll means: Ghost or Spectre

Meaning of wasted

wasted means: Incapacitated due to excessive intake of drink or drugs (mostly drugs) however, they are unlikely to be ill or throw up. - ie: "You have this spliff, mate. I'm wasted." The speaker then might go on to stare at the wallpaper in astonishment, with a great big smile on his face.(Or fall asleep!).

Meaning of Black Snake

Black Snake means: A long whip.

Meaning of baby

baby means: Affectionate term of address for either sex. That Rolex is just babbage.

Meaning of booty

booty means: Bad, unfair. Man, that teacher is bootsie.

Meaning of EPYECM

Meaning of STOYRAY

Meaning of WHEIKSIA

Meaning of STEYTCHUY

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