Slang Lush means

Lush means: Later.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Lush?

Lush means: Later.

Meaning of Lush slang

Slang: Lush means: Later.

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Meaning of lush

lush means: Very good, tasting really nice, looking really attractive. i.e. "She's really lush.", "That tastes lush.", "Did you see that programme last night, it was lush". From luscious.

Meaning of lush mcgush

lush mcgush means: Superlative of lush. If it wasn't just lush, but particularly good, it was Lush McGush. Several other words were "Mc" something'd but contributor forgot them.(ed: suggestions please?)

Meaning of LUSH

LUSH means: Lush is slang for a heavy drinker, especially an alcoholic. Lush is slang for intoxicating liquor.Lush is British slang for very attractive, desirable.

Meaning of lush

lush means: An alcoholic. Ferdie's dad was a lush but he turned out alright.

Meaning of LUSH ROLLER

LUSH ROLLER means: Lush roller is slang for a mugger who preys upon drunkards.

Meaning of Lush

Lush means: Later.

Meaning of Lush

Lush means: good-looking

Meaning of Lush

Lush means:     An alcoholic drink.

Meaning of Lush-crib

Lush-crib means: A saloon or tavern.

Meaning of lush

lush means: An alcoholic. Watch out, lunkhead! You'll spill it!

Meaning of machine

machine means: A car (hot-rodders). Ferdie's dad was a lush but he turned out alright.

Meaning of Lushery

Lushery means:     A place where a lush may be had.  A low public house or drinking den.

Meaning of Lush

Lush means: intoxicating drinks of all kinds, but generally beer.

Meaning of Lush

Lush means: Mild disease such a cold/cough, chest infection, stomach upset

Meaning of lush

lush means: Adj. Excellent, appealing, attractive.Noun. A habitual, heavy drinker of alcohol. Derog.

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