Slang CHUMMY means

CHUMMY means: Chummy is a British slang term of address for a suspect.

What is the slang definition/meaning of CHUMMY?

CHUMMY means: Chummy is a British slang term of address for a suspect.

Meaning of CHUMMY slang

Slang: CHUMMY means: Chummy is a British slang term of address for a suspect.

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Meaning of CHUMMY

CHUMMY means: Chummy is a British slang term of address for a suspect.

Meaning of Chummy

Chummy means: Generic slang for an object which has no official nautical name.

Meaning of chum, chum boy, chummer, chummy

chum, chum boy, chummer, chummy means: (1) Friend, pal, mate (2) slang meaning more often refers to a homosexual or a suspected homosexual. Variations include "chummer" or "chum boy". General use in UK - also included in 2nd Blackadder series 1st episode.

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