Slang GOI means

GOI means: Get Over It

What is the slang definition/meaning of GOI?

GOI means: Get Over It

Meaning of GOI slang

Slang: GOI means: Get Over It

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ACT THE LINNET means: Act the linnet is Irish slang for to flirt.

Meaning of BIRD BANDIT

BIRD BANDIT means: Bird bandit is British slang for a man who steals another man's woman.

Meaning of KICK IT APART

KICK IT APART means: Kick it apart is American tramp slang for to lay out the details

Meaning of brassy

brassy means: Adj. Very cold. From the phrase, 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey'. Cf. 'brass monkey weather'

Meaning of AFK

AFK means: Away From Keyboard -or- A Free Kill

Meaning of smelly belly

smelly belly means: Person acting stupidly.

Meaning of break a cherry

break a cherry means: The first to fuck an anal virgin.

Meaning of BLOCK

BLOCK means: marijuana

Meaning of old hag

old hag means: nightmare

Meaning of foont/funt

foont/funt means: a pound (£1), from the mid-1900s, derived from the German word 'pfund' for the UK pound.

Meaning of EETSUA

Meaning of BYOLEYL

Meaning of GRIICIRS

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