Slang CORN UP means

CORN UP means: Corn up is American slang for to get drunk, intoxicated.

What is the slang definition/meaning of CORN UP?

CORN UP means: Corn up is American slang for to get drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of CORN UP slang

Slang: CORN UP means: Corn up is American slang for to get drunk, intoxicated.

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Meaning of CORN ON THE COB

CORN ON THE COB means: Corn on the cob is British rhyming slang for job.Corn on the cob is Black American slang for sexual intercourse in which the partners are partiallydressed.

Meaning of CORN

CORN means: Corn is slang for money.Corn is British slang for an idea, song, etc., regarded as banal or sentimental.

Meaning of Corn-Dodger

Corn-Dodger means: A kind of cake made of Indian corn, and baked very hard.

Meaning of CORN UP

CORN UP means: Corn up is American slang for to get drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of can of corn

can of corn means: Something easy. That test was a can of corn.

Meaning of FLAKE OF CORN

FLAKE OF CORN means: Flake of corn is London Cockney rhyming slang for erection (horn).


CORN SQUEEZINGS means: Corn squeezings is American slang for illegally distilled whisky.

Meaning of CORN FLAKE

CORN FLAKE means: Corn flake is London Cockney rhyming slang for fake.

Meaning of CORN JUICE

CORN JUICE means: Corn juice is American slang for whisky.

Meaning of corn beef legs

corn beef legs means: Noun. Legs with mottled, blotchy skin, reminiscent of the meat, corn beef.

Meaning of Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob means: Job. e can't afford it - 'e ain't got a corn

Meaning of corn

corn means: Marijuana

Meaning of Pop Your Corn

Pop Your Corn means: Say what you have to say, speak out.

Meaning of Corn-Juice

Corn-Juice means: Whisky.

Meaning of Corn

Corn means: Bourbon (“corn liquor”)

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Meaning of GROOVE

GROOVE means: Groove is slang for an enjoyable situation or experience.Groove is slang for to experience a sensation of well−being, to feel in−tune with one's surroundings.Groove is British slang for a facial scar.


THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND means: Three sheets to the wind is British slang for very drunk, intoxicated.

Meaning of fuckable

fuckable means: Adj. Sexually desirable.

Meaning of rocking horse *

rocking horse * means: Noun. 1. Sauce as in ketchup, the condiment. 2. Sauce as in cheek, impudence. * Rhyming slang on sauce.

Meaning of break

break means: To leave. I have To leave. now; it's time to break (out of here).

Meaning of piffins bridge

piffins bridge means: The Piffins Bridge is the area of no mans land betwixt the very back of a mans scrotum and his anal sphincter. Which is of generally no use at all.

Meaning of Stevedore

Stevedore means: A man employed in loading and unloading vessels

Meaning of NUAZAE

Meaning of WHAOMTU

Meaning of JYECOITU

Meaning of JIASHEOPI

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