Slang COSH BOY means

COSH BOY means: Cosh boy is British slang for a young male thug.

What is the slang definition/meaning of COSH BOY?

COSH BOY means: Cosh boy is British slang for a young male thug.

Meaning of COSH BOY slang

Slang: COSH BOY means: Cosh boy is British slang for a young male thug.

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Meaning of COSH BOY

COSH BOY means: Cosh boy is British slang for a young male thug.

Meaning of cosh

cosh means: Noun. A heavy stick or bar used as a weapon. {Informal}Verb. To hit over the head with a cosh (see noun). {Informal}

Meaning of Neddy

Neddy means:   Cosh


PLYMOUTH CLOAK means: Plymouth cloak was old London Cockney rhyming slang for a cudgel, a cosh (oak).

Meaning of NEDDY

NEDDY means: Neddy is British criminal slang for a cosh. Neddy is British slang for a horse.

Meaning of PODGER

PODGER means: Podger is British slang for the penis.Podger is British slang for sexual intercourse.Podger was old British slang for a cosh.

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Meaning of KARMA

KARMA means: Karma is slang for one's personal destiny or fate. Karma is slang for an aura, impression.

Meaning of NAFFING

NAFFING means: Naffing is British slang for very.

Meaning of RUBIK'S CUBES

RUBIK'S CUBES means: Rubik's cubes is London Cockney rhyming slang for pubic hair (pubes).

Meaning of flossin'

flossin' means: v. show off ones belongings or wealth. Often while driving, showing your vehicle, its nice rims, your new jacket, etc.  "I just hung a right on Main St. Now I'm just flossin'." 

Meaning of schmee

schmee means: It refers to a "slow" person, like somone does something stupid you say "you are a schmee" i dunno i think i made it up but it needs to be in here, this needs to become a reconigized slang term because my girlfriends nickname her parents gave her is schmee and i want to prove to her thats her parents way of calling her retarded. thanx" (ed: added verbatim)

Meaning of Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen means: A pickpocket that pretends to be gay in order to pickpocket another mans wallet.

Meaning of Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest means: Chest. I had to punch him in the bird's nest.

Meaning of CLOCK

CLOCK means: Steam gauge. (See wiping the clock; don't confuse with Dutch clock). Also fare register

Meaning of Bozak

Bozak means: Pronounced (bow-zack) southern term for a big black man. "thats one black bozak"

Meaning of EDOWEU

Meaning of OACHYIG

Meaning of RYOJOUGU

Meaning of BOAPUODEY

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