Slang CUNT−SHOP means

CUNT−SHOP means: Cunt−shop is British slang for a brothel.

What is the slang definition/meaning of CUNT−SHOP?

CUNT−SHOP means: Cunt−shop is British slang for a brothel.

Meaning of CUNT−SHOP slang

Slang: CUNT−SHOP means: Cunt−shop is British slang for a brothel.

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Meaning of CUNT−SHOP

CUNT−SHOP means: Cunt−shop is British slang for a brothel.

Meaning of CUNT−STRUCK

CUNT−STRUCK means: Cunt−struck is slang for domineered over, or ruled by a woman, henpecked. Cunt−struck is British slang for obsessed with sex.

Meaning of CUNT−ITCH

CUNT−ITCH means: Cunt−itch is British slang for a woman's strong desire for sex. Cunt−itch is British slang for vaginal thrush.

Meaning of CUNT−HOOKS

CUNT−HOOKS means: Cunt−hooks is slang for fingers.

Meaning of SHOP

SHOP means: Shop is slang for dismiss someone from employment. Shop is British slang for to tell or inform on someone. Shop was old th and th century slang for prison. Shop is theatre slang for employment.

Meaning of batty fat woman shop

batty fat woman shop means: Most kids purchased their sweets from a corner shop, sweet shop, tuck shop, etc; in one school they bought from the Batty Fat Woman Shop. The shop still exists, although the proprietor is not the same Fat Woman who was undoubtably Batty. She was very, um, large, pale, unnecessarily ugly and she was constantly suspicious of everyone stealing stuff. Contributor says that when she thinks on it now, since we were school children, that was probably wise. She spoke in a very thick Yorkshire accent, which of course was subject to years of torment and mocking as us south-western school children thought every word she uttered sounded hilarious. (ed: she also sent the address but thought we ought not publish it!)


ANTENNA SHOP means: Antenna shop is slang for a shop that displays prototype products in order to test consumer reaction.

Meaning of Grog shop

Grog shop means: Liquor shop. See also Bottle Shop

Meaning of GREEK SHOP

GREEK SHOP means: Greek shop is South African slang for a corner shop.

Meaning of BUCKET SHOP

BUCKET SHOP means: Bucket shop is American slang for an office or a place where facilities are given for betting small sums on current prices of stocks, petroleum, etc.Bucket shop is English slang for a place where cheap airline seats are sold.

Meaning of tuck shop

tuck shop means: Noun. A confectioners, a sweet shop. Children's expression.

Meaning of all over the shop

all over the shop means: Phrs. 1. In a mess, out of order, disorganized. 2. Everywhere. E.g."I've been all over the shop this morning and I can't find her anywhere."


ALL OVER THE SHOP means: All over the shop is British slang for disorganised, in chaos or disarray.

Meaning of Hush-shop

Hush-shop means: a shop where alcohol is sold “on the quiet,” without a license

Meaning of cop-shop

cop-shop means: A Police Station. [David was taken to the cop shop dressed in drag.].

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Meaning of DEADBEAT

DEADBEAT means: Deadbeat is slang for a poor or homeless person. Deadbeat is slang for a poor scrounger.Deadbeat is slang for a worthless or stupid person.

Meaning of DS

DS means: Ds is slang for hydromorphone hydrochloride.

Meaning of RETTES

RETTES means: Rettes is American slang for cigarettes.


ZILLIONAIRE means: Zillionaire is slang for a very wealthy person.

Meaning of rumpy-pumpy

rumpy-pumpy means: Noun. Sexual intercourse. Jocular use.

Meaning of SIT

SIT means: Stay In Touch

Meaning of Hang!

Hang! means: Interjection of frustration or emphasis. Hang! I can eat six hotdogs in in 10 minutes.

Meaning of Hog-Wallow

Hog-Wallow means: On some of the Western prairies, the ground has every appearance of having been rooted or torn up by hogs, when it is very rough, hence the name

Meaning of done for

done for means: In big trouble, finished. When you go to the big city, Luke, don't take any wooden nickels.

Meaning of LAYJYU

Meaning of OOVEUDO

Meaning of NUENIJUO

Meaning of UESSAIMAB

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