DAISY BEATERS means: Daisy beaters is slang for the feet.

What is the slang definition/meaning of DAISY BEATERS?

DAISY BEATERS means: Daisy beaters is slang for the feet.

Meaning of DAISY BEATERS slang

Slang: DAISY BEATERS means: Daisy beaters is slang for the feet.

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DAISY BEATERS means: Daisy beaters is slang for the feet.

Meaning of DAISY

DAISY means: Daisy is slang for an excellent person or thing.Daisy is slang for a male homosexual or effeminate man.

Meaning of Daisy Dancers

Daisy Dancers means: Stairs. Get yerself up the daisy dancers. This one's a bit convoluted: Daisy Dancer => Dancing Bears => Stairs. The daisy dancer reference is a twist on the Dancing Bears=>Stairs slang.

Meaning of DAISY CHAIN

DAISY CHAIN means: Daisy chain is slang for a group of people taking part in serial sexual activity.

Meaning of daisy chain

daisy chain means: Group sex; a sexual act shared by more than two people at the same time in the same place. [he likes get fucked in a daisy chain.].


DAISY CUTTER means: Daisy cutter is cricket slang for a ball bowled in such a way that it stays close to the ground.

Meaning of DAISY BEAT

DAISY BEAT means: Daisy beat is London Cockney rhyming slang for to cheat, swindle.


GERT AND DAISY means: Gert and Daisy is London Cockney rhyming slang for lazy.

Meaning of DAISY ROOTS

DAISY ROOTS means: Daisy roots is London Cockney rhyming slang for boots.


BUTTERCUP AND DAISY means: Buttercup and Daisy is London Cockney rhyming slang for crazy.


DAISY DORMER means: Daisy dormer was old British slang for a bed warmer.

Meaning of Daisy

Daisy means: None too masculine

Meaning of Daisy

Daisy means: Good; excellent.

Meaning of daisy

daisy means: A male homosexual.

Meaning of Daisy Roots

Daisy Roots means: Boots

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GAY AND FRISKY means: Gay and frisky is London Cockney rhyming slang for whisky.

Meaning of WHIRLY−BIRD

WHIRLY−BIRD means: Whirly−bird is slang for a helicopter.

Meaning of take a chill pill

take a chill pill means: See "chill". Told to someone who needs to calm down.

Meaning of gas

gas means: A great time, something hilarious. The party last night was a real gas! ).

Meaning of bush league

bush league means: Someone who is below average.  "Mike is so bush league." 

Meaning of Bang berries

Bang berries means: Baked beans

Meaning of Cool Beans

Cool Beans means: reply to something that is cool, awesome.

Meaning of Gertie Gitana

Gertie Gitana means: Banana. I like a gertie on my cereal .Possibly an old music hall star

Meaning of drag

drag means: an appratus (usually a chain) used under a the rudder of an horse sleigh to prevent the slegh from speeding up and/or the weight load of the slegh from pusing on the horse

Meaning of PHAIDR

Meaning of OETSIXI

Meaning of EIJOSUAR

Meaning of AERDYAGRY

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