Slang issue means

issue means: Problem. That girl got a lot of issues.

What is the slang definition/meaning of issue?

issue means: Problem. That girl got a lot of issues.

Meaning of issue slang

Slang: issue ( n ) means: Problem. That girl got a lot of issues.

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PUT THE ISSUE ON SOMEONE means: Put the issue on someone is Black−American slang for to train them military style


TAGGED THE PLAY WITH THE SLAMMER ISSUE means: Tagged the play with the slammer issue is Black−American slang for the act of putting a troublesome person in jail

Meaning of Pusser

Pusser means: 1. Royal Navy slang for a purser, a ship's supply officer, now called a Logistics Officer. 2. Naval slang for anything that is military-like or service issue, as in "pusser's issue", meaning anything that is supplied by the Navy. eg. "I went to clothing stores and bought pusser running shoes."

Meaning of G.I.

G.I. means: government issue.

Meaning of issue

issue means: Problem. There is some major ish going on here.

Meaning of scrimshank

scrimshank means: hesitation to avoid an issue

Meaning of brouiller les cartes

brouiller les cartes means: cloud an issue

Meaning of issue

issue means: Problem. That girl got a lot of issues.

Meaning of steam up

steam up means: To make angry, mad. Don't get so steamed up over the issue.

Meaning of get it up

get it up means: Get an erection. ["John got it up when he looked at the new issue of OG magazine."].

Meaning of Slop Room

Slop Room means: Compartment in which clothing for issue to crew is stowed.

Meaning of Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost means: Police that issue parking fines. See also Brown bomber

Meaning of Brown Bomber

Brown Bomber means: Police that issue parking fines only. See also Grey Ghost

Meaning of Commisions

Commisions means: Governments would issue these licenses to privateers. They authorized raids on foreign shipping.

Meaning of Shinanigan

Shinanigan means: refers to an action, event or issue, often used to describe something mischevious or complicated. "What kind of shinanigans are you up to this time?"

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GOODNIGHT KISS means: Goodnight kiss is London Cockney rhyming slang for urinate (piss).

Meaning of get stuffed!

get stuffed! means: Verb. An angry rebuke.

Meaning of Dipstick

Dipstick means: Stupid person

Meaning of acrobrat

acrobrat means: Kids who attach poles to the front axle of their bikes so they can bounce up and down on the front wheel - a bit like a pogo stick on steroids.

Meaning of on the make

on the make means: One that is open for sexual consideration.

Meaning of Thomas Tilling

Thomas Tilling means: Shilling

Meaning of Tune the Old Cow Died Of

Tune the Old Cow Died Of means:  An epithet for any ill-played or discordant piece of music.

Meaning of SYFOKR

Meaning of MIOCHOA

Meaning of JUOGRUXI

Meaning of OUKRYRTAB

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