APPLE FRITTER means: Apple fritter is London cockney rhyming slang for bitter (beer).

What is the slang definition/meaning of APPLE FRITTER?

APPLE FRITTER means: Apple fritter is London cockney rhyming slang for bitter (beer).

Meaning of APPLE FRITTER slang

Slang: APPLE FRITTER means: Apple fritter is London cockney rhyming slang for bitter (beer).

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APPLE FRITTER means: Apple fritter is London cockney rhyming slang for bitter (beer).

Meaning of Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter means: Bitter (beer). I've tried that new apple but I prefer my salmon [Salmon and trout - stout].

Meaning of Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter means: Bitter (Beer)


BANANA FRITTER means: Banana Fritter is London Cockney rhyming slang for lavatory (shitter).


SPAM FRITTER means: Spam fritter is British rhyming Slang for the anus (shitter).

Meaning of The Apple

The Apple means: New York city. This is now common usage.We got a gig up in "The Apple" at Minton's with Diz and Bird.

Meaning of APPLE SAUCE

APPLE SAUCE means: Apple sauce is British rhyming slang for a horse, particularly a last finishing race horse that 'ran like a pig'.. Apple sauce is American and Canadian slang for nonsense; rubbish.

Meaning of APPLE AND PIP

APPLE AND PIP means: Apple and pip is British rhyming back slang for to urinate (sip).

Meaning of Apple Core

Apple Core means: Score (£20). I gave me last apple to that old paraffin.

Meaning of THE BIG APPLE

THE BIG APPLE means: The Big Apple is American slang for New York City.

Meaning of cider

cider means: n alcoholic apple juice. To Brits all cider is alcoholic — there’s no such thing as “hard cider” in Britain, and any non-alcoholic apple juice is called simply “apple juice.” Cider is often mixed with a small amount of blackcurrant syrup to form a drink imaginatively titled “Cider and black”.


APPLE OF ONE'S EYE means: Apple of one's eye is slang for beloved, sweetheart.

Meaning of APPLE TART

APPLE TART means: Apple tart is British rhyming slang for to break wind from the anus (fart).

Meaning of APPLE

APPLE means: Apple is slang for the head.

Meaning of APPLE PIE

APPLE PIE means: Apple pie is rhyming slang for sky.

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Meaning of DRAGGY

DRAGGY means: Draggy is slang for slow or boring.

Meaning of larruped

larruped means: Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. [Mainly Northern use?]

Meaning of Canuck

Canuck means: A Canadian. Once often used disparagingly; now a proud label, e.g. "Vancouver Canucks" A shortening of the Canadian symbol for Canada- Johny Canuck. The UK has John Bull. The USA has Uncle Sam and Canada has Johny Canuck. Probably started by Can. soldier in WW1as a collective. Used extensively by Gov't on posters to advertise and get immigrants from Europe to accept offers of free land in 'the last great west.'(ie. Western provinces). Johny Canuck is a young healthy male standing tall and free. He wears jodpurs, high leather 'mountie' boots, an open check lumberjack shirt, and a wide stetson hat. A great symbol too little used. Comment by: TED BOYLE

Meaning of Bog Roll

Bog Roll means: Toilet

Meaning of redonkulous

redonkulous means: n. an ironic term used to indicate something that is beyond ridiculous, being extremely absurd.  "Dang that girl's booty is redonkulous." 

Meaning of catch-22

catch-22 means: From the book (and film) of the same name - described by the contributor as follows "I need my school to process my student visa so i can be approved for my student loan, but the student loan company needs a copy of my student visa to approve my student loan. I need one to get the other but can't get either without the other. Known now as a 'Catch-22' situation.".

Meaning of mink

mink means: Describing someone who is disgusting or dirty. i.e. "Quit picking yer nose, Mink!", or "He's a Fort William Mink!". Mostly used north of the border, Scotland but under stood if used with enough venom anywhere. Possibly comes from either 'MINKY' brand cleaning cloths or 'Tink' being a tinker or tramp. (ed: I think that bearing in mind the strong historical links between Scotland and France it is more likely that it is more closely related to the French word 'manque'.) Should also be noted that if you are a mink you can be described as a 'Minker', or as being 'Minkey'. c.f. manque circa. 1970's UK (Scot)

Meaning of yeastful buns a plenty

yeastful buns a plenty means: Fully rounded ass that is firm and with a good shaped.

Meaning of CECIL

CECIL means: cocaine

Meaning of OCYGLI

Meaning of VIIPSOY

Meaning of SHUOKRAO

Meaning of OAPOARDUP

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