Slang yummy means

yummy means: Delicious, pleasing. Peanut butter and tuna is yummy.

What is the slang definition/meaning of yummy?

yummy means: Delicious, pleasing. Peanut butter and tuna is yummy.

Meaning of yummy slang

Slang: yummy ( adj ) means: Delicious, pleasing. Peanut butter and tuna is yummy.

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Meaning of yummy

yummy means: Delicious, pleasing. Peanut butter and tuna is yummy.

Meaning of YUMMY

YUMMY means: Yummy is slang for delicious.

Meaning of yummy mummy

yummy mummy means: An attractive older woman or an attractive mother; "Have you ever been to her house? Her mom's a total yummy mummy!".

Meaning of yummy-yummy

yummy-yummy means: n. A sexually attractive mother who has had a child; typically young; younger than 30, but not considered a MILF. Also see MILF. Popularized by rap artist Baby Bash in the song “Na-Na-Na”  Lyrical reference: Na-Na-Na - BABY BASH (Album: Cyclone, 2007) 

Meaning of yummy

yummy means: Delicious, pleasing. This food tastes yucky.

Meaning of yummy mummy

yummy mummy means: Noun. A young, attractive mother. {Informal}

Meaning of yutz

yutz means: A foolish, disagreeable person. Peanut butter and tuna is yummy.

Meaning of Yummy

Yummy means: n. They are Millennial generation, "young urban males" with well-paying jobs and no family to support, at least not yet. The Yummies have disposable income to burn (which is not common among other Millennials).  

Meaning of Poutine

Poutine means: Originally from Quebec, French fries covered in cheese curds with hot gravy poured over. The gravy melts the cheese, so it's all stringy and yummy.

Meaning of butty, buttie

butty, buttie means: Sandwiches or similar pre-packed lunch alternative to school meals. Often lovingly prepared by ones mother - and often traded for more appetising alternatives. Chip butty/buttie = chips in a bap (bread roll) or sarnie (sandwich). (ed: these are damn yummy and I want one now! Tho' my favourite is cold mashed spuds with english salad cream.)

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Meaning of HOT TAMALE

HOT TAMALE means: Hot tamale is American slang for a sexually arousing woman.


THE THREEPENNY BITS means: The threepenny bits is Australian rhyming slang for diarrhoea (the shits).

Meaning of blag artist

blag artist means: Noun. A person with a reputation for using clever talk for self gain.

Meaning of jewels

jewels means: Noun. Male genitals. Cf. 'family jewels'.

Meaning of chipping, to chippy

chipping, to chippy means: using heroin occasionally, avoiding addiction

Meaning of GRITTY

GRITTY means: When a drug dealer is on the streets selling drugs, he's on the grind or grinding. A person who is constantly hittin the streets to find ways to make money to survive in the hood legally or illegally.

Meaning of WIAHEE

Meaning of OILSUAF

Meaning of IAPHEYRG

Meaning of JIOPOAPSI

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