Slang copping zone means

copping zone means: an area where drugs are sold

What is the slang definition/meaning of copping zone?

copping zone means: an area where drugs are sold

Meaning of copping zone slang

Slang: copping zone means: an area where drugs are sold

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Meaning of copping zone

copping zone means: an area where drugs are sold

Meaning of ZONE OUT

ZONE OUT means: Zone out is slang for to lose consciousness due to drugs.

Meaning of CLONE−ZONE

CLONE−ZONE means: Clone−zone is slang for a place where male homosexuals congregate.

Meaning of copping

copping means: Pleading guilty.


COPPING ZONES means: areas where one can purchase drugs

Meaning of copping zones

copping zones means: Specific areas where buyers can purchase drugs

Meaning of cop off

cop off means: v snog; French kiss: I could swear I saw Ian’s dad copping off with some woman at the cinema the other day. The phrase may be derived from a contraction of “copulate.” Of course, it doesn’t mean “copulate,” so perhaps not.

Meaning of LZ

LZ means: landing zone. Pg. 514

Meaning of DMZ

DMZ means: demilitarized zone. Pg. 508

Meaning of Gate

Gate means: Afterburner. see also Zone


NNCIMINTFZ means: Not Now Chief, I'm In The F ***in' Zone

Meaning of AFZ

AFZ means: Acronym Free Zone

Meaning of mackin'

mackin' means: Kissing, especially in an erotic zone.

Meaning of No Go Zone

No Go Zone means: Area into which a boat can not go without tacking.

Meaning of Zone 5

Zone 5 means: Maximum afterburner in the Tomcat.

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Meaning of PISSABED

PISSABED means: Pissabed is Dorset slang for dandelion.

Meaning of SIN BIN

SIN BIN means: Sin bin is slang for a school where pupils excluded from other schools are sent. Sin bin is Australian slang for a car or van used primarily for sex.Sin bin is sport slang for an area off the field of play where a player who has committed a foul can be sent to sit for a specified period.

Meaning of thang

thang means: Noun. Thing.

Meaning of ice

ice means: fancy jewelery, more specifically diamonds. also known as "ice"

Meaning of Screwin' the Pooch

Screwin' the Pooch means: Really bad mistakes while playing music.Roscoe must've had a bad day, cause he's really "screwin' the pooch."

Meaning of bogart

bogart means: v. to hog or refuse to share a joint, but keep it in your hand or hang from your mouth. From actor Humphrey Bogart's trademark cigarettes, held in lips or hand, but rarely actually smoked. Usually associated with anything that someone hogs that is supposed to be shared.  "Don't bogart that joint dog, puff puff pass!" 

Meaning of GWM

GWM means: Gay White male; abbreviation used in classified ads.


CHEAP BASING means: crack

Meaning of Rope-Straightener

Rope-Straightener means: Self explanatory

Meaning of HOEBEI

Meaning of THONGAE

Meaning of PTYUDOAN

Meaning of IEPOYKOOF

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