Slang DOLLAR means

DOLLAR means: Dollar is British slang for pence.Dollar is obsolete slang for a five−shilling piece (a crown).

What is the slang definition/meaning of DOLLAR?

DOLLAR means: Dollar is British slang for pence.Dollar is obsolete slang for a five−shilling piece (a crown).

Meaning of DOLLAR slang

Slang: DOLLAR means: Dollar is British slang for pence.Dollar is obsolete slang for a five−shilling piece (a crown).

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Meaning of DOLLAR

DOLLAR means: Dollar is British slang for pence.Dollar is obsolete slang for a five−shilling piece (a crown).

Meaning of poopy dollar

poopy dollar means: Game where one places poop (preferable dog poop), on the back of a dollar (higher if desired) bill and placed on the ground (traveled sidewalk). From a distance, one looks on as people will look down to take the dollar and realize that poop is on it and it gets all over their hands, purse, pocket, etc ... fun game, but is assocated with a fine by the police as "spreading rubbish" ... if you get caught, pay only the $299 of the $300 fine, because they will keep your $1.

Meaning of dollar

dollar means: slang for money, commonly used in singular form, eg., 'Got any dollar?..'. In earlier times a dollar was slang for an English Crown, five shillings (5/-). From the 1900s in England and so called because the coin was similar in appearance and size to the American dollar coin, and at one time similar in value too. Brewer's dictionary of 1870 says that the American dollar is ' English money a little more than four shillings..'. That's about 20p. The word dollar is originally derived from German 'Thaler', and earlier from Low German 'dahler', meaning a valley (from which we also got the word 'dale'). The connection with coinage is that the Counts of Schlick in the late 1400s mined silver from 'Joachim's Thal' (Joachim's Valley), from which was minted the silver ounce coins called Joachim's Thalers, which became standard coinage in that region of what would now be Germany. All later generic versions of the coins were called 'Thalers'. An 'oxford' was cockney rhyming slang for five shillings (5/-) based on the dollar rhyming slang: 'oxford scholar'.

Meaning of HALF A DOLLAR

HALF A DOLLAR means: Half a dollar is London Cockney rhyming slang for a collar.

Meaning of benjamins

benjamins means: money. Usually hundred dollar bills, hence the reference to Benjamin Franklin on the U.S. 100 dollar bill.  "It's all about the benjamins."  Lyrical reference: PUFF DADDY LYRICS - It's All About The Benjamins  "yeah it's all about the benjamins..." 

Meaning of HALF−A−DOLLAR

HALF−A−DOLLAR means: Half−a−dollar is British slang for a half−crown.


NINE−DOLLAR BILL means: Nine−dollar bill is American slang for a homosexual.

Meaning of Oxford Scholar

Oxford Scholar means: Dollar. Stupid horse cost me an Oxford. Pre-war the dollar was worth just less than 5 shillings, so an Oxford is worth 5 shillings or a crown

Meaning of caser/case

caser/case means: five shillings (5/-), a crown coin. Seems to have surfaced first as caser in Australia in the mid-1800s from the Yiddish (Jewish European/Hebrew dialect) kesef meaning silver, where (in Australia) it also meant a five year prison term. Caser was slang also for a US dollar coin, and the US/Autralian slang logically transferred to English, either or all because of the reference to silver coin, dollar slang for a crown, or the comparable value, as was.

Meaning of Clam

Clam means: a dollar  .

Meaning of ADAD

ADAD means: Another Day Another Dollar

Meaning of Washington

Washington means: A dollar

Meaning of bickie

bickie means: a dollar or a biscuit

Meaning of saw blade

saw blade means: Another name for a ten dollar bill.

Meaning of benjamins

benjamins means: $100 dollar bills

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AMBER NECTAR means: Amber nectar is Australian slang for beer.

Meaning of SLOPE

SLOPE means: Slope is slang for to depart; to disappear suddenly.Slope is derogatory slang for an oriental, especially a Vietnamese.

Meaning of Electric Soup

Electric Soup means: Large amount of effort

Meaning of aight

aight means: all right

Meaning of off one’s tits

off one’s tits means: adj high (on drugs): I’ve no idea how she got up there, I was off my tits from about nine o’clock onwards. Perhaps she jumped? Ah, you see, you thought I was going to copy-paste the previous entry again. Well, rest assured that I would have done had it meant the same thing.

Meaning of purse

purse means: n money-purse. A little bag that women generally keep money in. Brits call anything larger than a money-purse a “handbag.”

Meaning of pull an all-nighter

pull an all-nighter means: To do the sex act fuck with someone all night.

Meaning of Clutched

Clutched means: Rejected

Meaning of PEAKED END

PEAKED END means: Head end of train. Also pointed or sharp end

Meaning of THIEPI

Meaning of EUMSYOP

Meaning of AONAYNOI

Meaning of NEYJASTYA

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