Slang DOUBLE TOP means

DOUBLE TOP means: Double top is British slang for fourty pounds sterling.

What is the slang definition/meaning of DOUBLE TOP?

DOUBLE TOP means: Double top is British slang for fourty pounds sterling.

Meaning of DOUBLE TOP slang

Slang: DOUBLE TOP means: Double top is British slang for fourty pounds sterling.

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Meaning of Double

Double means: Australians almost always use the word "double" in reply to a question, as regards to dual numbers or letters. For example, when you ask for their phone number (e.g. 213-8800) they will say, Two, one, three double eight double "O"


DOUBLE EVENT means: Double event is slang for having both syphilis and gonorrhoea.Double event is slang for an act of sex with a virgin that leaves her pregnant. Double event is Scottishslang for an order of a glass of whisky alongside a pint of beer.

Meaning of double

double means: Measure of distance. "I did a double bottle (or) double bonk."

Meaning of Double-double

Double-double means: Said when ordering a coffee; indicating two creams and two sugars... Most likely heard at a Timmie's.

Meaning of double-cross

double-cross means: To betray. He promised to pay me for painting his room but double-crossed me and didn't.

Meaning of double fisting

double fisting means: v holding two drinks at once. The double-entendre is not entirely lost on the Brits and so it’s best not used in overly polite company.

Meaning of DOUBLE TOP

DOUBLE TOP means: Double top is British slang for fourty pounds sterling.


NAP AND DOUBLE means: Nap and double is London Cockney rhyming slang for trouble.

Meaning of Double In (DI)

Double In (DI) means: Hitting the double area of a number to start a game of '01


DO THE DOUBLE ACT means: Do the double act was early th century slang for to get married.

Meaning of DOUBLE FIN

DOUBLE FIN means: Double fin is British slang for a ten pound note. Double fin is British slang for two five pound notes. Double fin is American slang for a ten dollar note.

Meaning of Double Out (DO)

Double Out (DO) means: Hitting the double of a number to win a game of '01

Meaning of fermer à double tour

fermer à double tour means: double-lock

Meaning of double-bubble

double-bubble means: Noun. Double the amount.

Meaning of DOUBLE

DOUBLE means: Double is British slang for very, extremely.

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Meaning of GLOP

GLOP means: Glop is British slang for to drink alcohol.Glop is British slang for a thick, viscuous liquid.Glop is British slang for unappetising food.

Meaning of SPEND

SPEND means: Spend was old slang for have an ejaculation; semen.

Meaning of fly a desk

fly a desk means: Vrb phrs. To work in an office as a clerk, and predominantly spending one's time sat at a desk. Cf. 'desk pilot'. [Orig. RAF?]

Meaning of ringer

ringer means: Noun. 1. A second hand car made to appear in much better quality than it is. 2. A person with high skills brought into a sports team for a game or competition.

Meaning of meffer

meffer means: A drunken tramp (Not just any old drunkard). There was Kindler, but he wasn't really a meffer, just a pervy old alcoholic who would wave his impressively large member at the kids who taunted him. He owned a house and wore a suit-which he would regularly piss down, and this raised him one level above mefferdom. The name very much derives from and a contraction of, their favoured tipple of Methylated Spirit.

Meaning of nooky

nooky means: One that is not an anal virgin, that has been fucked.

Meaning of hustler

hustler means: a person that does whatever needed to make money (usually by illegal actions)

Meaning of PHIURA

Meaning of OAPSEYW

Meaning of CHOILROA

Meaning of OULSEAGYI

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