Slang blag means

blag means: Something sub-standard.

What is the slang definition/meaning of blag?

blag means: Something sub-standard.

Meaning of blag slang

Slang: blag means: Something sub-standard.

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Meaning of BLAG

BLAG means: Blag is slang for a robbery, especially a robbery with violence. Blag is slang for bluff or mislead.Blag is slang for to seduce a girl. Blag is Polari slang for pick up.

Meaning of blag

blag means: v wheedle; bluff; wangle: I managed to blag a ride to work. Or: I had no idea what I was talking about but I think I managed to blag it. Perhaps if I sat for a bit longer I’d think up better examples. Likely derived from the French “blague,” meaning a tall story. Americans use “mooch” and “moocher” in the same context.

Meaning of Blag

Blag means: Drunk

Meaning of blag

blag means: Something sub-standard.

Meaning of Blag

Blag means:   To steal or snatch, usually a theft, often by smash-and-grab

Meaning of blag artist

blag artist means: Noun. A person with a reputation for using clever talk for self gain.

Meaning of blagger

blagger means: Noun. 1. A robber, especially of banks, and often with the use of a weapon or violence. 2. See 'blag artist'.

Meaning of blag

blag means: Verb. To lie, or use clever talk with profit as an objective, to wheedle or persuade for gain. E.g."I blagged a lift to work with my sister but had to get the bus home."Noun. 1. A con, a 'scam'. 2. A violent robbery or raid.

Meaning of blagger

blagger means: Used to describe someone who is a bit of a 'pickey'. they never have their own fags,crisps and will constantly harrass someone to give them theirs instead.A bit like a sponger. can also be used to describe an action ie can I blag a fag off you.I first heard this phrase in Bournemouth, which seems to be home to many blaggers.

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BARNET means: Barnet (from Barnet fair) is London Cockney rhyming slang for hair.

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Meaning of bore shitless

bore shitless means: Verb. Bore completely. E.g."I was bored shitless by her talking non-stop about her family."

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arse jockey means: Homosexual.


HAND-TO-HAND MAN means: transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack

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Liver Lips means: Self Explanatory

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indie means: rock music not released by major music labels

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nuke means: to attack with nuclear weapons; to destroy

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