Slang cracker means

cracker means: Caucasian

What is the slang definition/meaning of cracker?

cracker means: Caucasian

Meaning of cracker slang

Slang: cracker means: Caucasian

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Meaning of Cracker

Cracker means: A fire cracker. 2. Money of little value. e.g. "You keep it mate, I'm not interested it's not worth a cracker!"

Meaning of CRACKER

CRACKER means: Cracker is British slang for a thing or person of notable qualities or abilities. Cracker was American slang for a cowboy.

Meaning of cracker

cracker means: A white person (offensive). That cracker just doesn't get jive.

Meaning of cracker

cracker means: Noun. 1. A thing that is excellent. E.g."That West End show was a cracker." {Informal} 2. An attractive person, particularly a woman. {Informal}

Meaning of Cracker

Cracker means: A poor white person of the South, named after the crackling whips used by rural Southerners. There are several definitions of this word dating back before the 17th Century, however this was the definition in the Old West, and could have been derived from "Cracker Cowboys" of Florida, which used whips and dogs to capture cattle instead of lasso's.  

Meaning of Christmas cracker

Christmas cracker means: n (ah, how to describe these…) bit of fancily-coloured paper wrapped much like a lozenge, with twisted ends. A small sort of explosive device is put inside a cracker so that when two people pull at alternate ends, the whole thing comes apart with a snapping noise and — ah, the joy — a small piece of trinket crap falls out. This will be something like an ineffectual miniature sewing kit, a set of blunt nail clippers or one of these mysterious “get the bits of metal apart” puzzles, which will cause some degree of interest from the surrounding family until someone realises it’s very easy to get them apart because it was made in China and came out of the factory bent. As the name suggests, these are mainly used at Christmas but sometimes pop up at birthday parties and the like.

Meaning of Dog biscuit

Dog biscuit means: Cracker

Meaning of Dog biscuit

Dog biscuit means: Cracker

Meaning of cracker ass

cracker ass means: A flat ass.

Meaning of cracker

cracker means: Caucasian

Meaning of Dog and maggot

Dog and maggot means: Cracker and cheese

Meaning of CRACKER BOX

CRACKER BOX means: field ambulance.

Meaning of Cream Cracker-ed

Cream Cracker-ed means: Knackered

Meaning of cracker

cracker means: n. A white person 

Meaning of Dog and maggot

Dog and maggot means: Cracker and cheese

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Meaning of FINGER PIE

FINGER PIE means: Finger pie is British slang for manual stimulation of the vagina.

Meaning of PHUZA−FACE

PHUZA−FACE means: Phuza−face is South African slang for an alcoholic.

Meaning of WOODENTOP

WOODENTOP means: Woodentop is British slang for a uniformed policeman.

Meaning of Filth

Filth means: A young, attractive girl or woman.

Meaning of TTKSF

TTKSF means: Trying To Keep a Straight Face

Meaning of thugged

thugged means: adj. To be hardcore. To be in a state of gangsterized attitude.  "That fool is thugged out." 

Meaning of 5-Free 

5-Free  means: a polish that does not contain Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin.

Meaning of Mickey-Mouse

Mickey-Mouse means: Minor, unimportant. The homework the teacher gave us was mickey mouse.

Meaning of init | innit

init | innit means: isn't it

Meaning of UIKRUY

Meaning of CHIYCHA

Meaning of CIOMAURO

Meaning of ZOIWOEPHU

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