Slang cut (to ...) (... school) means

cut (to ...) (... school) means: Unauthorised absence from school. Cutting school is an obsession for most kids.

What is the slang definition/meaning of cut (to ...) (... school)?

cut (to ...) (... school) means: Unauthorised absence from school. Cutting school is an obsession for most kids.

Meaning of cut (to ...) (... school) slang

Slang: cut (to ...) (... school) means: Unauthorised absence from school. Cutting school is an obsession for most kids.

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Meaning of SCHOOL

SCHOOL means: School is slang for a group of drinkers who regularly congregate for drinking bouts. School is slang for gamble in a school of gamblers.School is British slang for a borstal.School is American slang for to teach a lesson to. To win or do something decisively better thansomeone else. School was old slang for a gang of thieves or beggars working together.

Meaning of cut (to ...) (... school)

cut (to ...) (... school) means: Unauthorised absence from school. Cutting school is an obsession for most kids.

Meaning of old school

old school means: adj./adv. Anything that is old, but not necessarily bad. In reference to music, it may be referring to it as "the good ‘‘ol" music.  "Hey Kelly, why you playing that old school song?" "Cause old school's tight!" 

Meaning of chippy

chippy means: A shop that sells the ubiquitous british take away food - fish and chips. Often a cafe where school kids gather in lunch breaks (prob. in defiance of school rules) to buy lunch in preference to the revolting school canteen meals.

Meaning of hookey (playing ...)

hookey (playing ...) means: Not going to school on a regular school day. Once thought of generally as a tool for boys wanting to go fishing, now generalized into skipping out of school for any or no reason. Today this would be marked as an "unexcused absence". Playing hookey has come to be generalized from the school world into the general working world - one can call in sick and really be playing hookey.

Meaning of gay (2)

gay (2) means: Nothing to do with homosexuality, but anything that doesn't work right, especially to do with computer games or general entertainment. also when people cheat online or game 'lags up' (suffers from internet delays) eg 'that was gay'. Also anything inconvenient, unfashionable or disappointing. Used in place of 'this/that sucks' or is 'this/that is uncool' and is used mostly by Middle School and High School students. Ex. 'We have to write a five page essay!' 'That is so gay!". Similarly another definition submission says: Stupid, uncool, ridiculous (read comment!), I've heard this common name for homosexuals used in my boarding school, Kodaikanal International School of India, in sentences like "Man, that is so gay!" or "Don't be gay man, now gimme the ball!" no way to tell how it originated. classmate from Arizona told me he heard it being used in a similar fashion in his old school as well. wierd.

Meaning of cock of the year, ... school

cock of the year, ... school means: Hardest (that is to say, strongest, most dangerous) member (that is to say pupil) of the year/school. Title usually achieved by a series of fights/ scraps with other word be "hards". Eventually one person would come out as hardest/most solid. This person would be best avoided but would probably never be seen at school anyway (owing to them skiving).

Meaning of short bus (ride the ...)

short bus (ride the ...) means: Referring to those 'specially abled'. Generally used in the form of "Yeah, I think he rides the short bus." Derived from school buses in America, where those with wheelchair access and for special schools are about half the length of a normal school bus. Also making reference to someone who is so stupid that you'd think they were mentally handicapped. "He rides the short bus to school!".

Meaning of minter

minter means: At school there was a red haired lad who complained that he was being called ginger minger. The teacher, seemingly unaware of what a minge was and slightly hard of hearing, was nevertheless outraged by the upset caused to this boy and held a special assembly n the school hall. He said that it was no longer acceptable to refer to red haired pupils as 'ginger minters'. As a result the word Minter immediately became the most popular word in the school, being used with gay abandon at anyone who had even the merest hint of ginger in their hair. To my knowledge this term of abuse travelled to a number of universities when the boys in that year left school.

Meaning of Comm School

Comm School means: Communications School, the birthplace of many "Bunting Tossers" and "Radio Ladies".

Meaning of slinge

slinge means: to stay away from school or work; to shirk duty; to mooch from school

Meaning of rad

rad means: Basically short for 'radical'... or 'different but good'. In school nearly *everything* outside school was considered rad at one time or another.

Meaning of Not Me Chief, I'm Comm School

Not Me Chief, I'm Comm School means: At recruit school at HMCS/CFB Cornwallis, all new entries were required to double everywhere on base. Anyone not moving at double time would be admonished. A common expression used at the time was "Not me Chief, I'm Comm School." This term has carried forward through the years and is often used by someone that feels they should be exempt from a particular duty or tasking.

Meaning of school

school means: to show superiority by teaching someone a lesson or showing someone how to do something. To beat someone in a competition.  "Man, give me that ball, I'm going to school you!" 

Meaning of Old School

Old School means: adj./adv. old-fashioned, of the old style, etc. Usually a term of respect for the past greats of whatever discipline you're talking about (e.g., Do it old school like Elvis)

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Meaning of DOWNHILL

DOWNHILL means: Downhill is British slang for the second half of a prson sentence.

Meaning of HONKIES

HONKIES means: Honkies is American slang for the buttocks.

Meaning of ON THE CARDS

ON THE CARDS means: On the cards is British slang for likely to happen.

Meaning of eppy

eppy means: Noun. Short for epileptic fit, however used to mean a furious uncontrollable outrage in the expressions 'throw an eppy' or 'have an eppy'. Also spelt eppie.

Meaning of Crib

Crib means: Same as pad.Hey, baby, come on up to my crib awhile and relax.

Meaning of fromage

fromage means: Something bad or of poor quality. That car of his is pure fromage.

Meaning of geekin

geekin means: n. The action a person under the influence of crack cocaine  "Man look at dat crack head geekin & lookin all crazy!" 

Meaning of basket days

basket days means: The warmer seasons of summer when the wearing of cock revealing pants is uninhibited by jackets or coats.

Meaning of Dude!

Dude! means: a 60`s/70`s term for 'man'

Meaning of TENS

TENS means: MDMA

Meaning of AETHYA

Meaning of UIJINGO

Meaning of EEGRISTI

Meaning of OEGRYIWAI

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