Slang ferret means

ferret means: Homosexual.

What is the slang definition/meaning of ferret?

ferret means: Homosexual.

Meaning of ferret slang

Slang: ferret means: Homosexual.

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Meaning of FERRET

FERRET means: Ferret is slang for the penis.Ferret was British army slang for a POW guard who searched for escape attempts. Ferret was oldslang for to cheat, swindle.


EXERCISE THE FERRET means: Exercise the ferret is Australian slang for to have sex.

Meaning of ferret

ferret means: Homosexual.

Meaning of chutney ferret

chutney ferret means: Homosexual. Used as a term of insult.

Meaning of chutney ferret

chutney ferret means: Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.

Meaning of ferret face

ferret face means: Insult aimed at someone with "precious" beard and/or moustache growth.

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A ROLL JACK RICE COULDN'T JUMP OVER means: A roll Jack Rice couldn't jump over is Australian slang for a large sum of money.

Meaning of GUMMY

GUMMY means: Gummy is British slang for a toothless person.

Meaning of SCHOOL

SCHOOL means: School is slang for a group of drinkers who regularly congregate for drinking bouts. School is slang for gamble in a school of gamblers.School is British slang for a borstal.School is American slang for to teach a lesson to. To win or do something decisively better thansomeone else. School was old slang for a gang of thieves or beggars working together.

Meaning of Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump means: Noun. An act of defecation. Rhyming slang on 'dump'.

Meaning of It's Getting Real

It's Getting Real means: Things are getting serious.

Meaning of Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers means: This a good one. It refers to the way a story gets changed as is passes from one person to the next so that the end result may be completely different from what was originally said. Sound familiar?

Meaning of drain

drain means: To tire, exhaust, wear out. That girl had totally drained me; I wish she'd leave.

Meaning of toasted

toasted means: Drunk, intoxicated. Let's get Benny home; he's toasted.

Meaning of open up a can

open up a can means: v. (derived from "open up a can of whoop-a_ _") To take an action of enforcement. To punish or hurt.  "Man, if you don't stop buggin I'm going to open a can on you!" 

Meaning of box boy

box boy means: A hustler that only allows, his cock to be of sexual sale.

Meaning of IPOULT

Meaning of OAFTERG

Meaning of OIMPEAFT

Meaning of SHOUNSIRT

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