Slang fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means

fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

What is the slang definition/meaning of fight with lawnmower (had a ...)?

fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

Meaning of fight with lawnmower (had a ...) slang

Slang: fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

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Meaning of fight with lawnmower (had a ...)

fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

Meaning of oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh means: This is more of a chant than a word. When there was a playground fight, the audience would gather round in a circle chanting 'oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...' until there was a breakthrough in the fight or it was broken up. I have no idea why we did it I know others have told me that 'fight-fight-fight' is more traditional., It may be a Scottish thing. (ed: entered verbatim)

Meaning of You Wanna Fight? Then Fight These Tears!

You Wanna Fight? Then Fight These Tears! means: Meaning Don't even try to fight me. I don't want to.

Meaning of hold your corner

hold your corner means: Maintain fighting stance. Do not surrender. When in a fight e.g. "Chaaa man, hold your corner, before I bruk you upside the head" Meaning, if you're gonna fight then fight, don't be a pussy and back down.

Meaning of barney

barney means: n argument; fight. This is certainly rhyming slang, but no one’s sure of whence it came. It could either be “Barney Rubble” / “trouble” (Barney Rubble is a character in the cartoon “The Flintstones”), or “Barn Owl” / “row” (when it means “fight,” “row” rhymes with “now”). The latter is marginally more likely, as “trouble” could be many things other than a fight, but the former is a more popular explanation. Pick one.

Meaning of BUN FIGHT

BUN FIGHT means: Bun fight is British slang for a tea party; an official function.

Meaning of do

do means: Whenever the chant "Do! Do! Do! Do!" was heard on the playground you knew there was a fight going on, usually surrounded by a frenzied crowd of children. You could also 'offer someone out' or in other words invite them to a fight by saying "you wanna do?"

Meaning of Knife Fight in a Phone Booth

Knife Fight in a Phone Booth means: Closein, slow-speed aerial dogfight with a nimble adversary. Often just called a “knife- fight.”

Meaning of buscar bronca

buscar bronca means: be spoiling for a fight; be looking for a fight

Meaning of Adds

Adds means: Enemies that join a fight after it has begun, usually by being summoned or where their arrival is scripted. This includes enemies that draw aggro mid fight.

Meaning of tunnin'

tunnin' means: v. To fight really well; fight a lot. A third coast & Dirty South term.  "Every time we go to a party, Jason tunnin'." 

Meaning of bagarre

bagarre means: fight, fist-fight

Meaning of grease up

grease up means: To look someone up and down in a disdainful fashion, typically while wearing a sneer. Essentially a visual invitation to fight, as in "you greasin' me up?". Given that it was just a look, it was quite possible for the person on the other side to accuse you of greasing them up when you'd done nothing of the sort in order to try and start a fight. (ed: well... yes....!) No sexual connotations, however mucky it might sound.

Meaning of scrap

scrap means: Fight. as in "There was a scrap in the gym. John got a broken nose!" Also a shout when fight was about to start.

Meaning of pagga

pagga means: Noun. A fight. Also pagger. [Scottish/N.E. use]Verb. To beat up, fight. [Scottish/N.E. use?]

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BRONZE FIGURE means: Bronze figure is London Cockney rhyming slang for kipper.


GILLIE POTTER means: Gillie Potter is London Cockney rhyming slang for foot (trotter).

Meaning of KUTU

KUTU means: Kutu is New Zealand slang for body louse.

Meaning of LUGGAGE

LUGGAGE means: Luggage is British slang for the male genitals.

Meaning of hop the wag

hop the wag means: Vrb phrs. To play truant. E.g."You see far too many school kids hopping the wag."

Meaning of Tosser

Tosser means: This is another word for wanker and has exactly the same meaning and shares the same hand signal. Unfortunately my house in Texas was in Tossa Lane, which was a problem when telling older members of the family where to write to me!

Meaning of shorty, shortie

shorty, shortie means: Pet name. Used to speak of, or to, one's girl or boy friend.e.g. "C'mon, shortie, let's go!", "Yeah, Jess. She's Kyle's shortie". Probably derived from close proximity of shortstop in ball games.

Meaning of Vanguard

Vanguard means: An organization for street hustlers. In 1966 young male street hustlers organized themselves in San Francisco.

Meaning of POWDER

POWDER means: cocaine

Meaning of IOGHYV

Meaning of PSYOMTE

Meaning of CEPUEPUO

Meaning of STIYLTUEF

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