Slang fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means

fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

What is the slang definition/meaning of fight with lawnmower (had a ...)?

fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

Meaning of fight with lawnmower (had a ...) slang

Slang: fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

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Meaning of fight with lawnmower (had a ...)

fight with lawnmower (had a ...) means: Had a haircut.

Meaning of oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh means: This is more of a chant than a word. When there was a playground fight, the audience would gather round in a circle chanting 'oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...' until there was a breakthrough in the fight or it was broken up. I have no idea why we did it I know others have told me that 'fight-fight-fight' is more traditional., It may be a Scottish thing. (ed: entered verbatim)

Meaning of You Wanna Fight? Then Fight These Tears!

You Wanna Fight? Then Fight These Tears! means: Meaning Don't even try to fight me. I don't want to.

Meaning of hold your corner

hold your corner means: Maintain fighting stance. Do not surrender. When in a fight e.g. "Chaaa man, hold your corner, before I bruk you upside the head" Meaning, if you're gonna fight then fight, don't be a pussy and back down.

Meaning of barney

barney means: n argument; fight. This is certainly rhyming slang, but no one’s sure of whence it came. It could either be “Barney Rubble” / “trouble” (Barney Rubble is a character in the cartoon “The Flintstones”), or “Barn Owl” / “row” (when it means “fight,” “row” rhymes with “now”). The latter is marginally more likely, as “trouble” could be many things other than a fight, but the former is a more popular explanation. Pick one.

Meaning of BUN FIGHT

BUN FIGHT means: Bun fight is British slang for a tea party; an official function.

Meaning of do

do means: Whenever the chant "Do! Do! Do! Do!" was heard on the playground you knew there was a fight going on, usually surrounded by a frenzied crowd of children. You could also 'offer someone out' or in other words invite them to a fight by saying "you wanna do?"

Meaning of Knife Fight in a Phone Booth

Knife Fight in a Phone Booth means: Closein, slow-speed aerial dogfight with a nimble adversary. Often just called a “knife- fight.”

Meaning of buscar bronca

buscar bronca means: be spoiling for a fight; be looking for a fight

Meaning of Adds

Adds means: Enemies that join a fight after it has begun, usually by being summoned or where their arrival is scripted. This includes enemies that draw aggro mid fight.

Meaning of tunnin'

tunnin' means: v. To fight really well; fight a lot. A third coast & Dirty South term.  "Every time we go to a party, Jason tunnin'." 

Meaning of bagarre

bagarre means: fight, fist-fight

Meaning of grease up

grease up means: To look someone up and down in a disdainful fashion, typically while wearing a sneer. Essentially a visual invitation to fight, as in "you greasin' me up?". Given that it was just a look, it was quite possible for the person on the other side to accuse you of greasing them up when you'd done nothing of the sort in order to try and start a fight. (ed: well... yes....!) No sexual connotations, however mucky it might sound.

Meaning of scrap

scrap means: Fight. as in "There was a scrap in the gym. John got a broken nose!" Also a shout when fight was about to start.

Meaning of pagga

pagga means: Noun. A fight. Also pagger. [Scottish/N.E. use]Verb. To beat up, fight. [Scottish/N.E. use?]

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Meaning of BUFFOON

BUFFOON means: Buffoon is British slang for a stupid person.

Meaning of CAPTAIN'S LOG

CAPTAIN'S LOG means: Captain's log is London Cockney rhyming slang for lavatory (bog).

Meaning of CREEPS

CREEPS means: Creeps is slang for repugnance, fear, unease.

Meaning of PEARLY GATE

PEARLY GATE means: Pearly gate is London Cockney rhyming slang for a dinner plate.

Meaning of T.H.

T.H. means: T.H. is betting slang for odds of /.

Meaning of blow the gaff

blow the gaff means: Vrb phrs. To reveal a plot or secret. {Informal}

Meaning of Puff

Puff means: Pudding

Meaning of pick up the soap

pick up the soap means: In anal intercourse the man who is fucked, dropping or picking up the soap is a invention for being fuck in the armed forces, gay baths, YMCA's and prison.

Meaning of geck

geck means: An eccentric individual. The new gear I got is all that.

Meaning of TAIPHU

Meaning of EILRUYZ

Meaning of OYCEAHUA

Meaning of STAMPYART

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