Slang fruit booter means

fruit booter means: Rollerblader (around area of San Diego).

What is the slang definition/meaning of fruit booter?

fruit booter means: Rollerblader (around area of San Diego).

Meaning of fruit booter slang

Slang: fruit booter means: Rollerblader (around area of San Diego).

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Meaning of fruit booter

fruit booter means: Rollerblader (around area of San Diego).

Meaning of Booter

Booter means: If you step in a puddle deep enough that the water flows into your shoe (or ... boot) and your foot gets completely soaked, you have yourself a booter. (see also: Soaker)

Meaning of FRUIT

FRUIT means: Fruit is old British slang for a fellow, used as a term of address. Fruit is American and Canadian slang for a homosexual.Fruit is British slang for a person considered to be eccentric or insane.

Meaning of cooter booter

cooter booter means: Man who has unprotected sex.

Meaning of Fruit

Fruit means: adjective; something that is stupid or excessively nerdy; "I hate David Cassidy. He's so fruit."

Meaning of Bag Of Fruit

Bag Of Fruit means: A statement given to someone (usually a man's suit) who is well dressed. e.g. "That's a nice bag of fruit you're wearing mate!"

Meaning of FRUIT BAT

FRUIT BAT means: Fruit bat is British slang for a woman who prefers the company of homosexual men.

Meaning of BAG OF FRUIT

BAG OF FRUIT means: Bag of fruit is London Cockney rhyming slang for suit.

Meaning of do one's fruit

do one's fruit means: Vrb phrs. To be extremely annoyed. E.g."Sharon's going to do her fruit when she finds David's stuck his bloody nose into her business again."

Meaning of FRUIT AND NUT

FRUIT AND NUT means: Fruit and nut is London Cockney rhyming slang for cut.

Meaning of Jackfruit

Jackfruit means: a fleshy yellowish fruit which grows inside the large pods extending from the trunk of the Jackfruit The Jack fruit seed eaten roasted or boiled.


PASSION FRUIT means: Passion fruit was mid−th century British slang for the testicles.

Meaning of get moded

get moded means: Be embarrassed. Used as "Lilah boasted and insisted that her fruit salad was sweet enough. She got moded later on when her boyfriend thought the fruit salad was too bland."

Meaning of jelly

jelly means: n Jell-o. Gelatinous sweet desert. The Jell-o brand doesn’t exist in the U.K. British jelly is not like American “jelly” – Brits don’t distinguish between fruit preserves with or without fruit in them – they’re all “jam”.

Meaning of Bowl of Fruit

Bowl of Fruit means: Suit. Are you wearing your bowl of fruit tonight?

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Meaning of KICKSY

KICKSY means: Kicksy is American slang for exciting, stimulating, spirited.

Meaning of NIK NIK

NIK NIK means: Nik nik is slang for police.Nik nik is Moroccan slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of SCRATCH

SCRATCH means: Scratch is slang for money, especially paper money. Scratch is slang for something that happens by chance. Scratch is American slang for forge banknotes.


SHACKERETTE means: Shackerette is Australian slang for a female live−in lover.

Meaning of whirlies

whirlies means: Noun. Dizziness induced by excessive intoxication, usually alcoholic.

Meaning of GTG

GTG means: Get The F**k Out.

Meaning of F2Fmail

F2Fmail means: Face-to-Face mail

Meaning of SIOZOE

Meaning of OPTYIKO

Meaning of CHUASTUY

Meaning of OIFTOITYO

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