Slang girlie mags means

girlie mags means: Slightly milder form of porno mags.

What is the slang definition/meaning of girlie mags?

girlie mags means: Slightly milder form of porno mags.

Meaning of girlie mags slang

Slang: girlie mags means: Slightly milder form of porno mags.

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Meaning of girlie mags

girlie mags means: Slightly milder form of porno mags.

Meaning of GIRLIE

GIRLIE means: Girlie is British slang for a weak or effeminate person.


GIRLIE−GIRLIE means: Girlie−girlie is Jamaican slang for flirtatious (applied to a man).

Meaning of Girlie

Girlie means: Woman

Meaning of Flying the Mags

Flying the Mags means:   The game of "Pitch and Toss"

Meaning of MAGS

MAGS means: magazines where ammunition kept/stored until placed in a weapon.

Meaning of girlie mag

girlie mag means: Noun. A pornographic magazine.

Meaning of girlie

girlie means: (Aust.) Aussie term for Trixie.

Meaning of kipper

kipper means: Vagina. Girlie bits. Contributor can only remember using it up to about the age of 9 after which other words were discovered.

Meaning of gone, he's gone

gone, he's gone means: A roadie that doesn't join the bunch ride at 7:00 am Sat/Sun Morning because of either: a) a new girlie, or b) pressure from the Mrs. (Usage: "Where's Mark?" "He's gone!")

Meaning of Shaggin' Wagon

Shaggin' Wagon means: A customized van with mags, an elaborate paint job, opera windows and a bed in the back. Said van often had window stickers that read "If this van's rockin', don't bother knockin'" or "don't laugh. Your daughter may be in here."

Meaning of Mr. Natural

Mr. Natural means: Mr. Natural was a cartoon creation by R. Crumb, pictured with a long beard and a long stride and with the words "Keep On Truckin'" (had nothing at all to do with trucks). He showed up in Head Comix and other underground mags and also on T-shirts and other countercultural gear.

Meaning of AMNESTY BOX

AMNESTY BOX means: a bright blue box made of solid steel shaped like a free-standing US Postal box but about half again as high, twice as deep, and maybe four times as wide. It stood in the Rhein Main airbase in front of the customs line so you could dump any contraband (drugs, weapons, porno mags, whatever) no questions asked, before going through customs.

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Meaning of YIKES

YIKES means: Yikes is slang for an expression of surprise or astonishment.

Meaning of hit the sack

hit the sack means: Vrb phrs. Go to bed. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of helluv

helluv means: A large amount, extreme, ultimate; essentially an abbreviation of the phrase "One hell of a [fill blank]." or "A hell of a [fill blank]." Usage: "The bus was helluv crowded." "That one dude is helluv stupid."

Meaning of southpaw

southpaw means: A left-hander. Johnny Batts can't hit a southpaw pitcher.

Meaning of tutankhamun

tutankhamun means: Accompanied by stroking of a chin the lenght of a walking stick to imitate the famous image of the Pharoah, this was a refinement of the chinny reck-on method of indicating disbelief.

Meaning of Barnet Fair

Barnet Fair means: Hair

Meaning of GTG

GTG means: Got to go (also G2G)

Meaning of quawking

quawking means: squawking like a hen or bird

Meaning of AUSTUY

Meaning of YOXYEPS

Meaning of BUAJIUST

Meaning of EUTHOEGRU

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