Slang DUCKS means

DUCKS means: Ducks is Black−American slang for tickets to a social event.

What is the slang definition/meaning of DUCKS?

DUCKS means: Ducks is Black−American slang for tickets to a social event.

Meaning of DUCKS slang

Slang: DUCKS means: Ducks is Black−American slang for tickets to a social event.

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Meaning of tight as a ducks arse, (... ducks chuff.)

tight as a ducks arse, (... ducks chuff.) means: A ducks arse being watertiught, the implication is that the person described is extremely mean or stingy with money.

Meaning of DUCKS

DUCKS means: Ducks is Black−American slang for tickets to a social event.

Meaning of Ducks

Ducks means: House or home

Meaning of ducks guts

ducks guts means: a very good thing

Meaning of ducks disease

ducks disease means: To have short legs, i.e. having one's bum too close the floor lie a duck.

Meaning of ducks & drakes

ducks & drakes means: making flat stones skim on the surface of the water

Meaning of short arse

short arse means: A derogatory term for someone with "ducks disease"; i.e. their bum is too close to the ground. Otherwise defined, by people of a politically correct nature, as a 'person of diminished stature'.

Meaning of QUACKERS

QUACKERS means: Quackers is British slang for a duck or ducks

Meaning of slack

slack means: (1) Used to describe a girls who's morals seem to indicate she is willing to perform sexual favours on demand. Used as "That Jenny's a bit slack. All I did was nibble her ear and she went down on me like Oprah on a baked ham!". (2) Mean - i.e. as tight as a ducks arse. Used as "Don't be slack, La!", or, "That was dead slack".

Meaning of duck's arse

duck's arse means: (1) a hairstyle in which the fringe and front of the hair is swept up in a wave reminiscent of a ducks tail. (2) a shared cigarette which had been smoked incorrectly by the sharer, leaving saliva at the end, hence making it wet, like a duck's arse.,

Meaning of Careen

Careen means: To heel over a ship to clean the seaweed and barnacles from her bottom. Careening was a necessary part of nautical life. For reasons, which will be explained, it was one of the most hazardous tasks facing a pirate crew. As is well known, as ships cruise the ocean, their bottoms quickly become covered with barnacles. These barnacles affected the ships speed and mobility. These two characteristics were highly respected among pirate captains, for they knew above everything else that if they were to be pursued in would be speed and mobility that would save them above any amount of firepower they might possess. Barnacles posed another problem. If they were not removed, periodically, they would also cause irreparable damage to the hull by eating away the wood or weakening the seems between planks. This meant that if the ship were at sea, far from land, it could go down. The threat of barnacles was taken very seriously. Often ships are dry docked after a long ocean voyage, in order that the hull can be scraped free of barnacles and repaired. Pirate rarely had the opportunity to dry dock. When a ship could not be dry docked, sailors had to devise other ways to clean the bottom. It was practically impossible to clean the bottom of a ship while in the water. The best alternative was careening. Careening involved finding a suitable shallow bay where the ship could safely be run aground, thus exposing as much of the hull above the water line as possible. Then the ship would be unloaded as much as possible. The crew would then need to careen or turn the ship over on one side using block and tackle, and manpower. The crew would try to pull the ship over enough to expose the keel or bottom of the ship. Then they would commence scraping that side of the ship, free of any barnacles. Then any damaged planks would be replaced or repaired. Following this step, if possible the bottom of the ship would be covered with paint, pitch or some kind of proctectant. Once the one side was done, the crew would careen the ship to the other side and repeat the process. The task was labor intensive and time consuming. Pirates were sitting ducks while careening their ship. They were often not armed well enough to stand a major ground assault and with their ship run aground they could not take on another ship. An example of how dangerous careening could be see the entry on Captain Lowther in the Pirates Who's Who of the Caribbean. Having the ship run aground for a long period of time was dangerous, so the pirates did several things to reduce their risks. First they would look for secluded cays that offered good protection and cover from the sea, basically hiding from prying eyes. Such a place was known as a careenage. Another strategy was to careen only one side of the ship at a time in order to cut the length of time on shore by half. Of course pirates could also swap ships in order to avoid careening. However this was seldom done. Many pirates preferred sloops because of their agility and speed and would often become attached to their ship, usually not giving it up unless it was in need of repair.

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JOYNSON−HICKS means: Joynson−hicks is British theatre slang for six.

Meaning of RIDDLE−ME−REE

RIDDLE−ME−REE means: Riddle−me−Ree is London Cockney rhyming slang for urination (pee).

Meaning of PDA

PDA means: Photo Credits.

Meaning of mark

mark means: Anyone identified as an easy target, or "sucka." Also can be someone who is soft, a sell-out or a wimp.  "Doug is such a mark." 

Meaning of ruggit

ruggit means: Someone a little mentally ambivalent - i.e. 'simple. Used preceded by a big Derrrrrrr (tongue in lower lip) then shouted in the imbeciles face. (Ruggits was the local 'special' school).

Meaning of puppet freak

puppet freak means: Paedophile one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boy, under the age of consent.

Meaning of Shack

Shack means: A vagabond, a low fellow. "He's a poor shack of a fellow.”

Meaning of cut

cut means: the patch of seal is “cut” when nearly all in sight are killed and hauled on board

Meaning of PHOESS

Meaning of YISHEOR

Meaning of ZUYDIUTH

Meaning of UITCHUERT

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