Slang rump ranger means

rump ranger means: Homosexual.

What is the slang definition/meaning of rump ranger?

rump ranger means: Homosexual.

Meaning of rump ranger slang

Slang: rump ranger means: Homosexual.

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Meaning of rump ranger

rump ranger means: Homosexual.

Meaning of rump ranger

rump ranger means: A gay homosexual male.

Meaning of RUMP

RUMP means: Rump is British slang for to copulate.


CONNAUGHT RANGER means: Connaught Ranger is London Cockney rhyming slang for a stranger.

Meaning of LONE RANGER

LONE RANGER means: Lone Ranger is London Cockney rhyming slang for danger.Lone Ranger is London Cockney rhyming slang for a stranger, particularly one thought to be a plainclothed policeman.


SLOANE RANGER means: Sloane ranger is British slang for a sub−category of British youth comprising young, upper−middle or upper class people, educated at public school, and affecting certain modes of behaviour.

Meaning of Sloane Ranger

Sloane Ranger means: n directionless young upper class twit. Financed only by a trust fund, Sloane Rangers spend their time driving around the affluent areas of London talking about horses, or appearing at the birthday parties of C-list celebrities. The term originates from Sloane Square, an expensive area to live in London. And also from the Lone Ranger, but I suspect you knew that unless you are from the fortieth century and this book was somehow the only thing that survived nuclear Armageddon. Even if you are in that very situation, you’re going to have a hard time working out what the Lone Ranger was without a little more context, so I doubt I’ve helped much. Go on, have a guess.

Meaning of kemosabe

kemosabe means: n. Very close friend. The word derives from the old show, The Lone Ranger. Kemosabe was the nick name given to the Lone Ranger's side kick Tonto.  "I gots love for Hashim. That's my kemosabe" 


QUEENS PARK RANGER means: Queens Park Ranger is London Cockney rhyming slang for a stranger.

Meaning of Queen's Park Ranger

Queen's Park Ranger means: Stranger. Who's that Queen's Park Ranger standing over there?

Meaning of rump

rump means: The buttocks.

Meaning of rump-splitter

rump-splitter means: Eighteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of ass

ass means: Either of the two rounded, fleshy parts of the rump, the buttocks, anus. [look at the ass on that boy]

Meaning of ass-ranger

ass-ranger means: Predatory homosexual (ed: I wonder what one of those is?)

Meaning of Glasgow Ranger

Glasgow Ranger means: Stranger

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Meaning of choke the chicken

choke the chicken means: Male masturbation.

Meaning of playboys

playboys means: Boys with a sexual preference for old people, a person prefers a love partner much older than himself.

Meaning of Reb

Reb means: Imperial slang term for members of the Rebel Alliance.

Meaning of RED DIRT

RED DIRT means: marijuana

Meaning of to kick the bucket

to kick the bucket means: to die

Meaning of Hoopty-doo!

Hoopty-doo! means: An interjection of celebration. That old hoopty of Jules can't make it home.

Meaning of screw around

screw around means: Waste time. [Use your imagination].

Meaning of tickle

tickle means: Something funny. I doubt he'll date her again; she threw up on his car seat on their last date.

Meaning of EYSHOU

Meaning of THOOGRU

Meaning of PSOAFTUJ

Meaning of PSIIHUITH

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