Slang satchel, droopy means

satchel, droopy means: Flaccid scrotum.

What is the slang definition/meaning of satchel, droopy?

satchel, droopy means: Flaccid scrotum.

Meaning of satchel, droopy slang

Slang: satchel, droopy means: Flaccid scrotum.

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Meaning of droopy

droopy means: Abbreviation for droopy satchel.

Meaning of satchel, droopy

satchel, droopy means: Flaccid scrotum.

Meaning of piggy's bag

piggy's bag means: The history teacher, Piggy Brown, an inadequate child trapped in a paedophile's body, clutched a British Airways satchel everywhere he went. After years of merciless baiting, the straw that broke Piggy's back was when the fourth year managed to nick the satchel and hung it from the roof on a rope, swinging it back and forth outside the windows of Piggy's classroom. He started foaming at the mouth, ran out and didn't come back. Poor bastard had a nervous breakdown, we laughed 'til we crapped our pants. (ed: Ah the innocence of childhood. In my school they grabbed one kid in the woodwork class, and after heating up a knife tried to brand him with his nickname 'orphan'. Sadistic bastards kids are!)

Meaning of port

port means: School satchel Possible abbreviation of portmanteau.

Meaning of spaniel's ears

spaniel's ears means: Noun. Saggy, flat, droopy breasts. From their similarity.

Meaning of satchel, satch

satchel, satch means: (1) The male scrotum. (2) An excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

Meaning of Hot

Hot means: A term once used to describe "real" jazz. Replaced as a superlative by "cool" in the late 40's or early 50's.Satchel Mouth Armstrong played some really "hot" jazz in the 20's.

Meaning of newtons revenge

newtons revenge means: Droopy breasts. Refers to a female teacher (or i suppose any woman) whos breasts have started to become saggy and unfirm with age or over manipulation by children and/or attentions of admirers.


SLABBA-SLABBA means: big and fat, slobby, droopy.

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Meaning of BUMP START

BUMP START means: Bump start is British slang for a sudden rousing to action.

Meaning of CUPPA

CUPPA means: Cuppa is slang for cup of.

Meaning of OFF ONE'S BOX

OFF ONE'S BOX means: Off one's box is slang for intoxicated.

Meaning of AFAIU

AFAIU means: As Far As I Understand

Meaning of BOB

BOB means: Battery Operated Boyfriend

Meaning of rev

rev means: To excite. I am totally revved about going to Maui!

Meaning of royal shaft

royal shaft means: A great destructive unfair act. He got the royal shaft from the principal for cutting so many classes.

Meaning of scrap

scrap means: v. to fight. 

Meaning of darers go first

darers go first means: Response to a dare, that you will carry out the dare if the originator does it first. Usually, the sayer of this chickens out after the darer has fulfilled his side of the deal.

Meaning of Biscuit Lip

Biscuit Lip means: Reference to large lips.

Meaning of MAYMIY

Meaning of STUOXOU

Meaning of OOZYEWAE

Meaning of USTYIPTOI

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