Slang spam means

spam means: Playground punishment consisting of a hard slap on the forehead.

What is the slang definition/meaning of spam?

spam means: Playground punishment consisting of a hard slap on the forehead.

Meaning of spam slang

Slang: spam means: Playground punishment consisting of a hard slap on the forehead.

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Meaning of SPAM CAN

SPAM CAN means: Spam can was a slang for a type of streamlined locomotive previously used by British Rail.

Meaning of spam javelin

spam javelin means: Noun. Penis. Spam is a meat product derived from pork.

Meaning of SPAM

SPAM means: Spam is computer slang for a message posted without variation a number of times; an electronic mail shot.

Meaning of spam, spam-head

spam, spam-head means: The forehead. Used to taunt children with particularly large foreheads or prematurely receding hair. Or just those that were picked on for no reason. You know how kids are! This insult was administered in one of two ways. The benign method was when the child administering the insult holds back his hair, and slaps his own forehead whilst shouting "Spam", "Spammo", or "Spam 'ed". The not so benign method usually administered when the subject was unawares. A run up is required. The spammer (one administering the spamming) runs at the spammee (one with a large forehead), jumps just as they get near and administers a flying slap to the spammee's forehead whilst shouting "Spam!", the spammer then runs off before the spammee recovers. Unless of course the Spammee is considered a 'malco', or 'Spaz' in which case the spammer simply retires to a safe distance and laughs, with his friends.

Meaning of spam valley

spam valley means: Noun. A poor neighbourhood or town, because the residents can only afford a poor diet, such as spam meat. [Scottish use]


SPAM FRITTER means: Spam fritter is British rhyming Slang for the anus (shitter).

Meaning of SPAM MEDAL

SPAM MEDAL means: Spam medal is military slang for a medal awarded to all members of a force.

Meaning of spam purse

spam purse means: Entered more or less verbatim: me and my friends have started to use the 'spam-purse'. It is another word for a womens vagina. there is a game we play where we in turn yell it out in turn each time getting louder. we are between the ages of 14 and 16 and we bought your book after a shopping expedition in Derby and in waterstones when an old women asked if we knew of a book that was an alternative dictionary, we found yours and gave it to her. after she bought it we read through a few pages and were laughing are heads off especially at sack whack which we hadnt heard befor but it became a common occurance to use it. we are very sorry to that old women who we dont think really wanted that book.

Meaning of Spam

Spam means: Sorry.

Meaning of S4L

S4L means: Spam For Life

Meaning of spam head

spam head means: A person with a large forehead.

Meaning of spam

spam means: Playground punishment consisting of a hard slap on the forehead.

Meaning of spam fritter

spam fritter means: Noun. The anus. Rhyming slang on 'shitter'. [1990s]

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Meaning of FOOD ESCAPE!

FOOD ESCAPE! means: Food Escape! is American slang for to vomit

Meaning of out of sight

out of sight means: Excellent, outstanding. Hey Kalen, that tie-dyed top your wearing is out of sight.

Meaning of Piece of cake

Piece of cake means: I remember saying it's a piece of cake in front of one of my American friends, who then started looking around for the cake! It means it's a cinch!

Meaning of fem

fem means: A lesbian who takees a passive, role in sex.

Meaning of hottie

hottie means: noun. someone, man or woman, who is very, very attractive (i.e., Natalie Portman is such a hottie!)

Meaning of whist

whist means: keep silence

Meaning of faded

faded means: Drunk, intoxicated. I have homework to do, man, let's fade.

Meaning of inhale

inhale means: to eat very quickly

Meaning of LIIROO

Meaning of DUIJOOS

Meaning of EUCIOXUO

Meaning of EULTITYEV

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