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trick means: A punter, a chump, i.e. the customer of a prostitute. Has now become an insult in its own right

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trick means: A punter, a chump, i.e. the customer of a prostitute. Has now become an insult in its own right

Meaning of trick slang

Slang: trick means: A punter, a chump, i.e. the customer of a prostitute. Has now become an insult in its own right

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Meaning of TRICK

TRICK means: Trick is slang for trichomoniasis. Trick is slang for a prostitute's client.Trick is slang for fancy, attractive, sophisticated. Trick is American slang for to sell sexual favours.

Meaning of trick

trick means: A sexually active female.  "Yo Calvin. Who’s that trick over there with Jamie?"  2. A person who spends money for sexual intercourse, usually in the context of prostitution. Also used as a verb.  "Why is Tiffany turning tricks?" or "Oh, he’s just a trick." 


CAN'T TAKE A TRICK means: Can't take a trick is Australian slang for to be consistently unsuccessful or unlucky.

Meaning of trick that

trick that means: I'm not doing it. Trick helping clean up, man, I'm leaving.

Meaning of DOG TRICK

DOG TRICK means: Dog trick is British slang for an act of treachery.

Meaning of Three Card Trick

Three Card Trick means: Dick (penis). She couldn't keep her jazz bands off my three card trick


DUBLIN TRICK means: Dublin Trick is London Cockney rhyming slang for a brick.

Meaning of TURN A TRICK

TURN A TRICK means: Turn a trick is prostitute slang for to service a customer.

Meaning of sticking it

sticking it means: v. sexual intercourse.  2. v. Pulling off a feat or trick. Landing a trick on a board, motocross bike, etc.  "Did you see Nathan sticking it out there on the wake board?" 


TRICK CYCLIST means: Trick cyclist is slang for a psychiatrist.


STAND THE THREE−CARD TRICK means: Stand the three−card trick is British slang for to be gullible, to be easily conned.

Meaning of yahhh

yahhh means: adv. A term used to warn an individual(s) to approach you with hostility and or to get out of your face.  "Yahh Homie, you need to check yourself before you gets hurt."  Lyrical reference: SOULJA BOY & FT. ARAB - Tellem Yahhh  Man when somebody be in your face, on your nerves just talkin and talkin and you don't wanna hear it, just be like YAHHH Trick! YAHHH! Hey Soulja Boy, YAHHH! Trick, YAHHH! Get out my face. 

Meaning of Run a rig

Run a rig means: To play a trick.

Meaning of to punk someone

to punk someone means: 1. to trick someone 2. to disrespect someone

Meaning of gamogue

gamogue means: a silly trick

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Meaning of BOPPERS

BOPPERS means: Boppers is slang for amyl nitrate (or any associated inhalant drug).

Meaning of PUMP

PUMP means: Pump is British slang for the heart. Pump is British slang for the penis.Pump is British slang for to emit wind from the anus noisily. Punp is American slang for to have sex.


TROUBLES AND CARES means: Troubles and cares is London Cockney rhyming slang for stairs.

Meaning of shower

shower means: Noun. A derogatory and all encompassing term for a motley group of people.

Meaning of dingy

dingy means: Dirty, grimy. Leave your dingy clothes in the garage.

Meaning of on the side

on the side means: Additionally; extra. ["He has a lover and a boy on the side."].


BUCKLE THE RUBBERS means: Connect air, steam, or signal hose

Meaning of ASOUMP

Meaning of AIRTEYN

Meaning of UAMSIOLR

Meaning of OITUPTIOH

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