Slang auntie queen means

auntie queen means: Young man or teenager who seeks the love and companionship of older men.

What is the slang definition/meaning of auntie queen?

auntie queen means: Young man or teenager who seeks the love and companionship of older men.

Meaning of auntie queen slang

Slang: auntie queen means: Young man or teenager who seeks the love and companionship of older men.

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Meaning of auntie queen

auntie queen means: Young man or teenager who seeks the love and companionship of older men.

Meaning of prissy queen

prissy queen means: Noun. A prim and snooty gay male. Can mean the same as 'pissy queen'. Cf. 'dizzy queen', 'scat queen', 'curry queen' etc.

Meaning of AUNTIE

AUNTIE means: Auntie is British slang for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Auntie is British slang for the lavatory.Auntie is Australian slang for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Auntie is slang for a middle−aged or elderly male homosexual.

Meaning of AUNTIE ENA

AUNTIE ENA means: Auntie Ena is London Cockney rhyming slang for a cleaner.

Meaning of Auntie Nellie

Auntie Nellie means: Belly. I punched him in the Auntie but he didn't even notice.

Meaning of Queen "E"

Queen "E" means: referring to the Queen Elizabeth Way,(first divided highway in North America 1939-named after Queen Elizabeth II's mother, who was of course Queen in 1939) from Toronto to Fort Eire......"taking the Queen E to TO eh"

Meaning of auntie

auntie means: The affectionate name the British Broadcasting Corporation was known by until Kenny Everett coined the word 'beeb' and 'auntie' slowly faded into history.

Meaning of AUNTIE MEG

AUNTIE MEG means: Auntie Meg is Australian rhyming slang for a keg.

Meaning of scat queen

scat queen means: Noun. A gay male who indulges in sexual acts involving faeces. Scat is derived from scatology. Cf. also 'curry queen', 'pissy queen' and 'dinge queen'.

Meaning of auntie nora

auntie nora means: The special nurse the council sent round school to check for infestations of head lice. Hence Auntie Nora the nitty explorer.

Meaning of AUNTIE RUTH

AUNTIE RUTH means: Auntie Ruth is London Cockney rhyming slang for tooth.


AUNTIE NELLIE means: Auntie Nellie is London cockney rhyming slang for belly.

Meaning of AUNTIE ELLA

AUNTIE ELLA means: Auntie Ella is London cockney rhyming slang for umbrella.

Meaning of curry queen

curry queen means: Noun. A gay male who is attracted to asian homosexuals. Cf. 'dinge queen' and 'scat queen'. Offens.

Meaning of Auntie Ella

Auntie Ella means: Umbrella. Wonderful - it's starting to rain and me without my Auntie Ella.

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Meaning of FIREPROOF

FIREPROOF means: Fireproof is British slang for someone who is safe from blame and trouble.

Meaning of GRUB

GRUB means: Grub is slang for food.Grub is American slang for scrounge.

Meaning of LARRUP

LARRUP means: Larrup is slang for to beat.

Meaning of Garburator

Garburator means: What Yanks call the "garbage disposal", the true Canadian calls a "garburator"

Meaning of MTSITN

MTSITN means: More Than Ships In The Night

Meaning of trick

trick means: A male prostitutes customer.

Meaning of Gentleman of Four Outs

Gentleman of Four Outs means:  When a vulgar, blustering fellow asserts that he is a gentleman, the retort generally is, “Yes, a gentleman of four outs,” that is, without wit, without money, without credit, and without manners.


* KNOCK HER IN THE HEAD means: Slow Down

Meaning of nick (1)

nick (1) means: to steal something

Meaning of CEIRYU

Meaning of NYIPEGL

Meaning of ZIESEOLU

Meaning of FEIZIAGRI

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