Slang backstage means

backstage means: Rude, wicked, uncouth.

What is the slang definition/meaning of backstage?

backstage means: Rude, wicked, uncouth.

Meaning of backstage slang

Slang: backstage means: Rude, wicked, uncouth.

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Meaning of backstage

backstage means: Rude, wicked, uncouth.

Meaning of wangle

wangle means: Verb. To obtain by scheming. E.g."I even wangled myself a backstage pass and met Kylie after the show."

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Meaning of BUM

BUM means: Bum is British slang for the buttocks.Bum is British slang for to cadge or scrounge.Bum is American slang for something worthless, inferior or bad.

Meaning of BUTTONED UP

BUTTONED UP means: Buttoned up is slang for taciturn; silent and somewhat tense.


KNOCK THEM DEAD means: Knock them dead is British slang for to evoke a favourable response.

Meaning of NUTTER

NUTTER means: Nutter is British slang for a lunatic.

Meaning of STINKS

STINKS means: Stinks is slang for suspicious.

Meaning of FSE

FSE means: Sexually unresponsive.

Meaning of AFIAA

AFIAA means: As Far As I Am Aware

Meaning of sack

sack means: v dismiss; fire: Well, I pretty much knew I was getting sacked as soon as they walked in and saw me on the photocopier. Comes from a time when you were given a sack into which to put the contents of your desk. In the U.S., the term “given the sack” is used sporadically, but not the word sack alone as a verb.

Meaning of gaboon

gaboon means: (ed: entered verbatim - I'm sure the word isn;t quite right but I can;t recall what it *shoul* be - all help apprecuiated) Slang term for "outhouse." , Pronounced GA-BOON; rqual accent on both syllables. (Not GA-boon, or ga-BOON.) The "ga" rhymes with "la," as in "Fa-la-la." I grew up in 1950's mid-Missouri, USA, when outhouses were still commonly used. I only heard my daddy refer to them as gaboons, though, and I don't know the origin. I'm sure he grew up saying it in the 1920's. Our 2-room country school, for instance, had two gaboons. A 3-holer for the boys, and a 3-holer for the girls. I hope someone knows more. Thanks!

Meaning of wallob

wallob means: Used to call small fat kids with hairy bodies. Often referred to as beast's or ogre's.

Meaning of VIUREO

Meaning of OOSHIYT

Meaning of EIGOECMO

Meaning of EAPSEIRSY

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