Slang brown lips means

brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

What is the slang definition/meaning of brown lips?

brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

Meaning of brown lips slang

Slang: brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

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Meaning of brown lips

brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

Meaning of jubey lips

jubey lips means: Possibly a corruption of 'tubey lips'. Used as a derogatory term for someone with thick lips. People got called names like 'Jube-jube'. How cruel is that?

Meaning of PRETTY LIPS

PRETTY LIPS means: Pretty lips is derogatory British slang for someone with full lips.

Meaning of Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown means: Marijuana/weed that is not very potent or preferably good; usually brown in color, hence the term Bobby Brown.  "You wanna get high Johnny? I got some Bobby Brown." 

Meaning of brown sauce

brown sauce means: n Steak sauce. A mysterious thick brown sort of savoury sauce. Popularly added to burgers, chips and other pub-type food, brown sauce is more than ketchup and less chunky than the American “relish”. I believe it contains vinegar. And probably some other stuff. Also it is brown.

Meaning of BROWN

BROWN means: Brown is British slang for non−silver coins. Brown is British slang for the anus.Brown is British slang for excrement. Brown is slang for heroin.

Meaning of brown wings

brown wings means: Noun. Of males, getting one's brown wings denotes having had anal sex with someone. A play on the RAF expression earn one's wings. Brown is a commonly used term for things anal or of that part of the anatomy. Usually heard in phrases such as earn/get one's brown wings.

Meaning of DSL

DSL means: n./adj. A degrading term that means full luscious lips; an acronym for D**k Sucking Lips. This term is often used by teens as code so that adults will not know what they are referring to.  "Did you see her? She had some serious DSL's." 

Meaning of LIPS

LIPS means: Lips is slang for the labias.

Meaning of JAGGER'S LIPS

JAGGER'S LIPS means: Jagger's lips is London Cockney rhyming slang for chips.

Meaning of flap your lips

flap your lips means: To talk. You can flap your lips all night but I won't change my mind.

Meaning of FLAP ONE'S LIPS

FLAP ONE'S LIPS means: Flap one's lips is American slang for to speak.

Meaning of READ MY LIPS

READ MY LIPS means: Read my lips is slang for listen carefully to what I am saying.

Meaning of brown-nose

brown-nose means: To toady. He gets low grades even though he brown-noses every teacher in school.

Meaning of Banjo Lips

Banjo Lips means: Big lips

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Meaning of BURN−TOAST

BURN−TOAST means: Burn−toast is British slang for a useless cook.


DONALD PEERS means: Donald Peers is London Cockney rhyming slang for ears.

Meaning of TIT WANK

TIT WANK means: Tit wank is British slang for stimulation of the penis by rubbing it between a woman's breasts.

Meaning of WOODEN

WOODEN means: Wooden is Australian slang for to fell or kill a person or animal.

Meaning of bubble

bubble means: Verb. To inform. From the rhyming slang bubble and squeak meaning speak. E.g."If you bubble me to the boss, I'll lose my job."Noun. A person from Greece. From bubble and squeak, cockney rhyming slang on Greek.

Meaning of flake

flake means: Weird. Unbalanced, Probably certifiably insane. Indulging in strange behaviours.

Meaning of to jack something

to jack something means: to steal something

Meaning of tickelace

tickelace means: a kittiwake

Meaning of EOJEYM

Meaning of VUYKEUR

Meaning of MEUSIPHY

Meaning of PEAFYICAU

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