Slang brown lips means

brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

What is the slang definition/meaning of brown lips?

brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

Meaning of brown lips slang

Slang: brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

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Meaning of brown lips

brown lips means: The rectal opening; anus.

Meaning of jubey lips

jubey lips means: Possibly a corruption of 'tubey lips'. Used as a derogatory term for someone with thick lips. People got called names like 'Jube-jube'. How cruel is that?

Meaning of PRETTY LIPS

PRETTY LIPS means: Pretty lips is derogatory British slang for someone with full lips.

Meaning of Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown means: Marijuana/weed that is not very potent or preferably good; usually brown in color, hence the term Bobby Brown.  "You wanna get high Johnny? I got some Bobby Brown." 

Meaning of brown sauce

brown sauce means: n Steak sauce. A mysterious thick brown sort of savoury sauce. Popularly added to burgers, chips and other pub-type food, brown sauce is more than ketchup and less chunky than the American “relish”. I believe it contains vinegar. And probably some other stuff. Also it is brown.

Meaning of BROWN

BROWN means: Brown is British slang for non−silver coins. Brown is British slang for the anus.Brown is British slang for excrement. Brown is slang for heroin.

Meaning of brown wings

brown wings means: Noun. Of males, getting one's brown wings denotes having had anal sex with someone. A play on the RAF expression earn one's wings. Brown is a commonly used term for things anal or of that part of the anatomy. Usually heard in phrases such as earn/get one's brown wings.

Meaning of DSL

DSL means: n./adj. A degrading term that means full luscious lips; an acronym for D**k Sucking Lips. This term is often used by teens as code so that adults will not know what they are referring to.  "Did you see her? She had some serious DSL's." 

Meaning of LIPS

LIPS means: Lips is slang for the labias.

Meaning of JAGGER'S LIPS

JAGGER'S LIPS means: Jagger's lips is London Cockney rhyming slang for chips.

Meaning of flap your lips

flap your lips means: To talk. You can flap your lips all night but I won't change my mind.

Meaning of FLAP ONE'S LIPS

FLAP ONE'S LIPS means: Flap one's lips is American slang for to speak.

Meaning of READ MY LIPS

READ MY LIPS means: Read my lips is slang for listen carefully to what I am saying.

Meaning of brown-nose

brown-nose means: To toady. He gets low grades even though he brown-noses every teacher in school.

Meaning of Banjo Lips

Banjo Lips means: Big lips

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Meaning of ONCE OVER

ONCE OVER means: Once over is slang for inspect, look carefully.

Meaning of PISSANT

PISSANT means: Pissant is American slang for trifling, paltry, insignificant.

Meaning of Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words means: Male genitalia, especially the testicles

Meaning of tanked

tanked means: Drunk, intoxicated. Lloyd was so tanked he tied his shoes together and fell off the balcony.

Meaning of Shagadelic

Shagadelic means: Cool; Cool person

Meaning of Truck

Truck means: To Leave Move or Go. Lets Truck, Man - later man gotta truck. Keep on Truckin'

Meaning of JELLIES

JELLIES means: temazepam capsules (not now legally available in UK)

Meaning of candy

candy means: An extremely good looking guy or girl. Hey, man, don't light up that cancer stick.

Meaning of coppers

coppers means: pre-decimal farthings, ha'pennies and pennies, and to a lesser extent 1p and 2p coins since decimalisation, and also meaning a very small amount of money. Coppers was very popular slang pre-decimalisation (1971), and is still used in referring to modern pennies and two-penny coins, typically describing the copper (coloured) coins in one's pocket or change, or piggy bank. Pre-decimal farthings, ha'pennies and pennies were 97% copper (technically bronze), and would nowadays be worth significantly more than their old face value because copper has become so much more valuable. Decimal 1p and 2p coins were also 97% copper (technically bronze - 97% copper, 2.5% zinc, 0.5% tin ) until replaced by copper-plated steel in 1992, which amusingly made them magnetic. The term coppers is also slang for a very small amount of money, or a cost of something typically less than a pound, usually referring to a bargain or a sum not worth thinking about, somewhat like saying 'peanuts' or 'a row of beans'. For example: "What did you pay for that?" ...... "Coppers."

Meaning of foont/funt

foont/funt means: a pound (£1), from the mid-1900s, derived from the German word 'pfund' for the UK pound.

Meaning of AOKAUZ

Meaning of WHOUFYW

Meaning of OIHYORSO

Meaning of WAYPHAYMI

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