Slang bumpin uglies means

bumpin uglies means: In gay slang this ia a term of anal sex.

What is the slang definition/meaning of bumpin uglies?

bumpin uglies means: In gay slang this ia a term of anal sex.

Meaning of bumpin uglies slang

Slang: bumpin uglies means: In gay slang this ia a term of anal sex.

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Meaning of bumpin uglies

bumpin uglies means: In gay slang this ia a term of anal sex.

Meaning of bump uglies

bump uglies means: Verb. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."My mum knows we're bumping uglies but she doesn't mind as long as we are careful."

Meaning of bump nasties, bump uglies

bump nasties, bump uglies means: To perform an act of sexual intercourse.

Meaning of plug-ugly

plug-ugly means: Adj. Very ugly. Originally a ruffian, and taken from the New York gang of the mid 1800s, called the Plug Uglies. [Orig. U.S.]

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