Slang cut loose means

cut loose means: To give someone up. [I loved him but I had to cut loose of him.].

What is the slang definition/meaning of cut loose?

cut loose means: To give someone up. [I loved him but I had to cut loose of him.].

Meaning of cut loose slang

Slang: cut loose means: To give someone up. [I loved him but I had to cut loose of him.].

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Meaning of Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon means: "loose cannon" refers to someone who is out of control, unpredictable, and who may cause damage, just as the canons would do if they were to break loose on the decks of the old sailing vessels.

Meaning of GET LOOSE

GET LOOSE means: Get loose is slang for to relax.Get loose is slang for to throw some punches.Get loose is slang for to dance, to have fun.

Meaning of LOOSE

LOOSE means: Loose is slang for relaxed, nonchalant.Loose is British slang for sexually promiscuous.

Meaning of LOOSE JAW

LOOSE JAW means: Loose jaw is British slang for a gossip.

Meaning of At a loose ends

At a loose ends means: A nautical term for a rope when unattached and therefore neglected or not doing its job. Thus 'tying up loose ends' indicates having done a complete job or having dealt with all the details.

Meaning of cut loose

cut loose means: To give someone up. [I loved him but I had to cut loose of him.].


LOOSE CHANGE means: Loose change is medical slang for a nearly severed limb that will require amputation.

Meaning of hang loose

hang loose means: To relax, take it easy. Hang loose when you go to the police station; don't go off the deep end.


LOOSE CANNON means: Loose cannon is American slang for a dangerously uncontrolled person.

Meaning of HANG LOOSE

HANG LOOSE means: Hang loose is American slang for stay relaxed.

Meaning of Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon means: An irresponsible and reckless individual whose behavior (either intended or unintended) endangers the group he/she belongs to. A loose cannon, weighing thousands of pounds, would crush anything and anyone in its path, and possibly even break a hole in the hull, thus endangering the entire ship.

Meaning of LOOSE SCREW

LOOSE SCREW means: Loose screw is British slang for a mad person.

Meaning of Tile Loose, Tile Off

Tile Loose, Tile Off means: Slightly deranged. Also "slate loose."

Meaning of Loose

Loose means: To loose a rope is to let it go

Meaning of juvie

juvie means: n. Juvenile Hall; children’s prison.  "T.J. was caught trying to steel some blunts at the store and got sent to juvie again!"  2. n. A boyfriend or girlfriend who is generally younger than you.  "Y’all ho*’s better not f*^k wit my juvie cause he’s hot and he don’t wanna loose me."  Lyrical reference: MAGNOLIA SHORTY - That's My Juvie  Y’all ho*’s bet not f*^k wit my juvieCause he hot and he and he don’t want to loose me 

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Meaning of OUTASIGHT

OUTASIGHT means: Outasight is slang for superb, excellent, sensational.

Meaning of FIGS

FIGS means: French, Italian, German, Spanish

Meaning of nigel, nige

nigel, nige means: (1) Geeky, over obedient, compliant, or just silly person. Used in some Australian high schools usually in relation to males. (2) Person with no friends

Meaning of short stop

short stop means: A person of diminished stature, i.e. a short arse.

Meaning of wholler

wholler means: To toss or turn your head on a pillow. "You can't wholler on that pillow." (ed: what *is* this??)

Meaning of Hot one

Hot one means: Bowl of chili soup

Meaning of sax

sax means: saxophone

Meaning of FEUVIY

Meaning of TUSHOYK

Meaning of PUYXOAMA

Meaning of EEMSAEGRI

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