Slang dingle-dangle means

dingle-dangle means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

What is the slang definition/meaning of dingle-dangle?

dingle-dangle means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of dingle-dangle slang

Slang: dingle-dangle means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

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Meaning of dingle-dangle

dingle-dangle means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.


ANGLE OF DANGLE means: Angle of dangle is British slang for the degree of erection depending upon how sexually stimulated a man is by a woman.

Meaning of dingle

dingle means: Derogatory term used in Birmingham in reference to people from Wolverhampton. The term relates to the Dingle family from the TV soapie 'Emmerdale' and reflects the widely held belief that the Wolverhampton accent makes the speaker sound both stupid and 'scutty'.

Meaning of Dangle

Dangle means: Leave, get lost

Meaning of dangle queen

dangle queen means: Homosexual that wears long, gangling earrings.

Meaning of dingle-berries

dingle-berries means: Dried globs of shit clinging to the anal hairs of a person that is unclean.

Meaning of dingle

dingle means: Noun. A person from Burnley (Lancashire). Generally derog, and heard mainly in football circles, especially by rival Blackburn fans.

Meaning of dingle berry

dingle berry means: (1) Piece of excrement that sticks stubbornly to the buttock and/or buttock hairs. (2) an excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

Meaning of Make tracks, dangle

Make tracks, dangle means: Leave in a hurry, leave aburptly

Meaning of dangle 'em off the front

dangle 'em off the front means: Keeping a breakaway within sight but not closing the gap so as to let them fry themselves up front.

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Meaning of BAG OF TRIPE

BAG OF TRIPE means: Bag of tripe is slang for an unpleasant person.

Meaning of lovely-jubbly!

lovely-jubbly! means: Exclam. Excellent! Great! A jocular expression recently popularized in the 1990s, by the cockney character Delboy in the British sit-com Only Fools and Horses. Originally from a 1950s advertisement for an ice lolly, by the name of Jubbly.

Meaning of Peanuts

Peanuts means: I hated one of my summer jobs as a kid because it paid peanuts. The full expression is that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. It is a fairly derogatory way of saying that manual labour doesn't need to be bright and doesn't need a lot of pay. Typically these days peanuts means something is cheap. For example we would say the petrol in the USA is peanuts or costs peanuts. Compared to our prices it is.

Meaning of shorty, shortie

shorty, shortie means: Pet name. Used to speak of, or to, one's girl or boy friend.e.g. "C'mon, shortie, let's go!", "Yeah, Jess. She's Kyle's shortie". Probably derived from close proximity of shortstop in ball games.

Meaning of Funk

Funk means: cool

Meaning of Plastic

Plastic means: Fake, Phony - Not real.

Meaning of Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook means: Crook. He's always on the babble. Meaning he's always planning something crooked. See also Cook.

Meaning of Poppet

Poppet means: Term of endearment. "Come along, poppet."

Meaning of bell-bottom

bell-bottom means: A sailor. I forgot Mavis's birthday and now I'm behind the 8 ball.

Meaning of WYISHU

Meaning of BYRGAID

Meaning of MAOPSOES

Meaning of LIYSHODAY

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