Slang dirty gun means

dirty gun means: Venereal disease.

What is the slang definition/meaning of dirty gun?

dirty gun means: Venereal disease.

Meaning of dirty gun slang

Slang: dirty gun means: Venereal disease.

dirty gun: "Dirty gun" generally means a gun bought illegally and most of the time they may have been used in prior crimes so they'll be cheaper but with ballistics if they find the gun in your possession then they can match shell casings and bullet trajectory to see if it was shot from that gun some may not have any crime attached to them but they're still not bought legally thus giving it the dirty part of its name

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Meaning of DIRTY

DIRTY means: Dirty is slang for possessing or containing illegal drugs. Dirty is slang for untrustworthy.Dirty is British slang for sexually adventurous.

Meaning of dirty

dirty means: Morally bad, dishonorable. I hear that the dirty rat went to a dirty movie last night.

Meaning of DIRTY DICK

DIRTY DICK means: Dirty Dick is British slang for a dirty person.Dirty Dick is London Cockney rhyming slang for a police station (nick).

Meaning of Dirty Big

Dirty Big means: Enormous, huge or extremely large. e.g. "That's a dirty big truck you got, mate!"

Meaning of dirty

dirty means: Adv. A general intensifier. E.g."There was a dirty great big spot on the end of his nose."

Meaning of BE DIRTY ON

BE DIRTY ON means: Be dirty on is Australian slang for to be offended by or hostile towards.

Meaning of dis

dis means: To say something disrespectful. I hear that the dirty rat went to a dirty movie last night.

Meaning of DIRTY DEN

DIRTY DEN means: Dirty Den is London Cockney rhyming slang for pen.

Meaning of Dirty

Dirty means: , (DER-tee)  adj.,  Badly dressed, wearing old clothes.  “She looks dirty, look at her pants.”  Also refers to someone who is sexually promiscuous.   [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Meaning of DIRTY OLD JEW

DIRTY OLD JEW means: Dirty old Jew was old Bingo slang for the number two.


DIRTY DOZENS means: Dirty Dozens is Black−American slang for a game played by insulting the relatives of the other players

Meaning of riding dirty

riding dirty means: Driving with drugs or drug paraphernalia.  ""I know these fools wanna catch me riding dirty."" 


DIRTY MAC BRIGADE means: The dirty mac brigade is British slang for lascivious men who delight in pornography and strip clubs.

Meaning of DO THE DIRTY

DO THE DIRTY means: Do the dirty is slang for to do something unpleasant to someone.

Meaning of dirty mackintosh

dirty mackintosh means: Noun. See 'dirty-mac'.

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Meaning of EARS

EARS means: Ears is Black−American slang for to listen.


PERAMBULATOR means: Perambulator was th century British slang for a measuring wheel.


TOMMY ROLLER means: Tommy Roller was th century London Cockney rhyming slang for a collar.

Meaning of CULA

CULA means: See You Later Alligator

Meaning of NOA

NOA means: Not Online Anymore

Meaning of Keep your pecker up

Keep your pecker up means: This is one way of saying keep your chin up. Use with caution as in some places your pecker is also your willy!

Meaning of Flash Back

Flash Back means: Sudden memory of a past time or event. Feeling high /acid flash back.

Meaning of Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf means: Laugh. You're having a Steffi

Meaning of Toby Jug

Toby Jug means: Mug (chump). I'm tired of people taking me for a toby

Meaning of Buckle Bunnies

Buckle Bunnies means: Female groupies who follow and befriend rodeo riders.

Meaning of YEMPEA

Meaning of ODEKROA

Meaning of NEIPHUAN

Meaning of SUCHIURSA

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