Slang flea bagger means

flea bagger means: An elderly male homosexual.

What is the slang definition/meaning of flea bagger?

flea bagger means: An elderly male homosexual.

Meaning of flea bagger slang

Slang: flea bagger means: An elderly male homosexual.

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Meaning of flea bagger

flea bagger means: An elderly male homosexual.

Meaning of BAGGER

BAGGER means: Bagger is slang for a robber who violently steals rings from their owners fingers.

Meaning of two bagger, double bagger

two bagger, double bagger means: Someone so pug ugly you'd need two paper bags to be able to have sex with them. One bag covers his/her head, the other to cover yours, in case their bag falls off).

Meaning of FLEA BAG

FLEA BAG means: Flea bag is London Cockney rhyming slang for an old horse (nag).

Meaning of BUG AND FLEA

BUG AND FLEA means: Bug and flea is London Cockney rhyming slang for tea.


DOUBLE−BAGGER means: Double−bagger is American slang for a hideous or repellent person.


FLEA AND LOUSE means: Flea and louse is London Cockney rhyming slang for house.

Meaning of FLEA BITE

FLEA BITE means: Flea bite is British slang for a small, irritating person.


FLEA'S FOOTPATH means: Flea's footpath is British slang for a parting in the hair.

Meaning of FLEA RAKER

FLEA RAKER means: Flea raker is British slang for a combe.

Meaning of double-bagger

double-bagger means: A very ugly person. [He's a double-bagger he's so ugly, to go to bed with him you will need two bags, one over his head and one over yours].

Meaning of Flea-bitten

Flea-bitten means: horse that has completely changed its base coat to either pure white or "flea-bitten" gray; a color consisting of a white hair coat with small speckles or "freckles" of red-colored hair throughout; also connotes an old horse (although horses do not get fleas).

Meaning of Bagger

Bagger means: A person that consistently does not pull their own weight.

Meaning of fleet bagger

fleet bagger means: An elderly male homosexual.

Meaning of Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee means: Flea

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Meaning of CHOAN

CHOAN means: Choan is American slang for sexual intercourse.

Meaning of ITCHY PIGS

ITCHY PIGS means: Itchy pigs is British slang for a dish of seasoned pork rind (pork scratchings).

Meaning of dump all over (someone)

dump all over (someone) means: Vrb phrs. To mistreat (someone), to unfairly criticize (someone). [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of spit and image

spit and image means: An identical copy. Rodney is the spit and image of his father.

Meaning of base

base means: The "safe place" or thing you run for in tag and other such chase games.

Meaning of Solid

Solid means: Solid- A gracious, friendly, or obliging act;(as in) favor: Please do me a solid.

Meaning of Tubular

Tubular means: Awesome, Cool!

Meaning of Fly-By-Nights

Fly-By-Nights means: Tights

Meaning of Black-Leg

Black-Leg means: A gambler.

Meaning of PSOETH

Meaning of PUONUOJ

Meaning of UEMIJOJI

Meaning of PTOASHUEJ

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