Slang give a shit means

give a shit means: To care; to take serious. Usually used in the negative. ["John doesn't give a shit about Brian."].

What is the slang definition/meaning of give a shit?

give a shit means: To care; to take serious. Usually used in the negative. ["John doesn't give a shit about Brian."].

Meaning of give a shit slang

Slang: give a shit means: To care; to take serious. Usually used in the negative. ["John doesn't give a shit about Brian."].

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Meaning of give a shit

give a shit means: To care; to take serious. Usually used in the negative. ["John doesn't give a shit about Brian."].

Meaning of DON'T GIVE A SHIT

DON'T GIVE A SHIT means: Don't give a shit is slang for don't care.


SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT means: Shit or get off the pot is slang for make a decision or take action one way or another, or else give someone else the opportunity to do so.

Meaning of give a shit

give a shit means: to care ‘look mate, I really don’t give a shit’

Meaning of me vale verga

me vale verga means: I don't give a shit; I don't give a damn

Meaning of shit

shit means: n 1: feces. 2: a ludicrously false statement. 3: a coarse term for defecation. 4: (obscene) insulting terms of address. 5: something of little value; it is not worth shit. 6: a morphine derivative. v. 1: give away information about somebody:He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam 2: have a bowel movement.

Meaning of SHIT

SHIT means: a catchall multipurpose term, ie, a firefight was 'in the shit', a bad situation was 'deep shit', to be well prepared and alert was to have your 'shit wired tight.'

Meaning of toss

toss means: v masturbate. To call someone a tosser is to suggest that they are an accomplished onanist. The word was originally in use as tosser or “toss-pot” to describe a drunk (tossing one-too-many drinks back) but, as with most things, has become more gloriously sordid. give a toss give a shit.

Meaning of SHIT

SHIT means: Shit is slang for faeces. Shit is slang for nonsense.Shit is slang for a contemptible, obnoxious or worthless person. Shit is slang for defacation.Shit is slang for awful, inferior, worthless.

Meaning of pisser dessus

pisser dessus means: no give a shit about; not care about (lit.: piss on something)

Meaning of shit hits the fan

shit hits the fan means: Phrs. As 'when the shit hits the fan', it warns that severe consequences will be felt when the results of actions are discovered. Alternatively, in such phrases as "the shit will hit the fan when she discovers the truth". See 'when the shit hits the fan'.

Meaning of get (one's) shit together

get (one's) shit together means: Correct personality deficiency; prepare one's self ["I wish Al would get his shit together and quit letting Bill beat him up whenever he gets drunk." "The customer expects to get up at 8 am — be sure you have your shit together."].

Meaning of Shit Cunts

Shit Cunts means: The lowest of low that will take anything & everything they chose, weather its attached to another human being or not this Spineless group of Shit Cunts are usually so far beneath our feet that we cant see them until they want something of yours then you will see them coming but most of the year they are hibertnating in there awesome little world with there small heads up another shit cunts ass waiting there next Lowlife pathetic shit cunt move to rip off there best mate or there own Mother if they could, these scum are so low they would steal your great grand ma

Meaning of not give a fuck

not give a fuck means: Vrb phrs. To not care at all, the absolute nonchalance. The 'fuck' can be replaced with any number of expletives, such as 'shit', or as below with 'monkey' or 'toss'.

Meaning of shit christ

shit christ means: Usually used in a time of disgusted disbelief, "Shit-Christ Steve, what were you thinking?" or "Shit-Christ, what am I supposed to do now?" Originally used by a legendary college football coach in Minnesota, USA, when his players would make mistakes.

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Meaning of CACK−HANDED

CACK−HANDED means: Cack−handed is British slang for clumsy, inept.

Meaning of CANISTER

CANISTER means: Canister is slang for the head.


CHARLIE WIGGINS means: Charlie Wiggins is theatrical rhyming slang for lodgings (diggins).

Meaning of accidentally-on-purpose

accidentally-on-purpose means: Phrs. Seemingly accidental but with veiled malice or harm.

Meaning of aks

aks means: Verb. To ask. E.g."I aksed him to move his car from the driveway." [dialect]

Meaning of farty

farty means: Adj. Insignificant. E.g."I'm not going back to that restaurant, they serve farty sized portions and I always leave still feeling hungry."

Meaning of Shark Biscuit

Shark Biscuit means: An inexperienced surfer

Meaning of Knees Grow

Knees Grow means: Comes from Negro.

Meaning of Leroy

Leroy means: A stereotypically black name. Typically used as the name of a character is a racial joke, e.g.

Meaning of Screwing

Screwing means:     A sub-genre of Cracking; burglary by means of skeleton  keys, waxing keys, or picking locks.

Meaning of VEUSHY

Meaning of MOOLYIX

Meaning of SETCHEOW

Meaning of UAKYEXOAD

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