Slang literature gallery means

literature gallery means: Adult book store.

What is the slang definition/meaning of literature gallery?

literature gallery means: Adult book store.

Meaning of literature gallery slang

Slang: literature gallery means: Adult book store.

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Meaning of literature gallery

literature gallery means: Adult book store.


SHOOTING GALLERY means: Shooting gallery is British slang for a place where drug users gather to inject themselves. Shooting gallery is American slang for a house where heroin addicts inject themselves.

Meaning of Galley

Galley means: (1) . The galley is the kitchen of the ship. The best explanation as to its origin is that it is a corruption of the word gallery. Ancient sailors cooked their meals on a brick or stone gallery laid amidships. (2) Very old fighting ship propelled by oars.

Meaning of Play to the Gallery

Play to the Gallery means: To show off. "That's just how he is, always has to play to the gallery."

Meaning of Gallery

Gallery means: Diner booth

Meaning of Gallery

Gallery means: Diner booth

Meaning of shooting gallery

shooting gallery means: Place where drugs are used

Meaning of Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful means: A slang term for cheap, lurid fictional magazines that incorporated the same kind of literature as the dime novels. Later generations would call them pulp fiction.

Meaning of bumf

bumf means: n copious amounts of paperwork or literature: You would not believe the bloody stack of bumf that came with my new video recorder. Possibly derived from the army and a contraction of the phrase “bum fodder,” i.e., toilet paper.

Meaning of Vulture’s Row

Vulture’s Row means: A viewing gallery on an aircraft carrier’s island where you can watch flight operations.

Meaning of shooting gallery

shooting gallery means: place where heroin addicts shoot up and share needles and other works (paraphernalia)

Meaning of Sternwalk

Sternwalk means: An external walkway or gallery, for the use of officers, installed on the stern of British warships until the early 20th century.

Meaning of crack gallery

crack gallery means: Place where crack is bought and sold


CRACK GALLERY means: place where crack is bought and sold

Meaning of Gallery

Gallery means: In larger sailing warships, the walk built out from the admiral's or captain's cabin and extending beyond the stern. Often decorated with carved and gilded work, they were also covered and enclosed with elaborate glass windows.

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Meaning of SKUNK

SKUNK means: Skunk is slang for potent marijuana.Skunk is slang for a worthless or contemptible person or thing.Skunk is American and Canadian slang for to defeat overwhelmingly in a game.Skunk is American military slang for an unidentified surface craft.

Meaning of barbie

barbie means: barbecue

Meaning of get nicked

get nicked means: exclamation of contempt ‘Go and gel nicked!’¬

Meaning of dive

dive means: A cheap bar. I wouldn't drink any of the hooch they serve in that dive.

Meaning of meat market

meat market means: A place where one goes to look for sex partners; outdoor setting on The streets,or public place. Often used with regard to nightclubs.[That new club his just a meat market].

Meaning of Mondo

Mondo means: Cool; nice; neat.

Meaning of Lizzy

Lizzy means: Saddle horn.

Meaning of Tycoon

Tycoon means: A black man from Thailand

Meaning of SESYES

Meaning of IYPSEUM

Meaning of IUPSOUJY

Meaning of IERTAOCMY

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