Slang market means

market means: A place where one goes to look for sex partners; outdoor setting on a street or public place.

What is the slang definition/meaning of market?

market means: A place where one goes to look for sex partners; outdoor setting on a street or public place.

Meaning of market slang

Slang: market means: A place where one goes to look for sex partners; outdoor setting on a street or public place.

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CATTLE MARKET means: Cattle market is British slang for a place where women congregate. Cattle market was old British slang for a brothel.

Meaning of GREY MARKET

GREY MARKET means: Grey market is slang for retail enterprise that is neither entirely legitimate nor illegal.

Meaning of meat market

meat market means: A place where one goes to look for sex partners; outdoor setting on The streets,or public place. Often used with regard to nightclubs.[That new club his just a meat market].

Meaning of rip-off

rip-off means: Verb. To con, to swindle. {Informal}Noun. 1. A contrick, a act of deception. {Informal} 2. An illicit copy. E.g."Dont buy any computer software from that market stall, it's all ripped off." 3. An unreasonably priced commodity or service. From the feeling that one if being deceived. E.g."Those Versace jeans are a rip-off. You should try buying clothes from the market."


SLAVE MARKET means: Slave market is slang for an employment exchange.

Meaning of off the market

off the market means: Not in circulation.

Meaning of MB 

MB  means: (abrv.) (n.) Market Board

Meaning of Cowpunching

Cowpunching means: Driving the cattle to market.

Meaning of MM

MM means: Market Maker -or- Merry Meet

Meaning of MD

MD means: Imperial City Market District

Meaning of Butcher shop

Butcher shop means: A meat market

Meaning of meltdown

meltdown means: a disastrous collapse, esp. of a market or an economy

Meaning of Punching Doggies

Punching Doggies means: Cowpunching, driving the cattle to market.

Meaning of Cly faking

Cly faking means:   To pick a pocket, especially of its handkerchief (for which there was a ready market)

Meaning of nippy

nippy means: Chilly. Some nipper nabbed my wallet at the market today.

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Meaning of PAINT

PAINT means: Paint is slang for to drink.Paint is Australian slang for cheap red wine.Paint is American gay slang for to defecate during anal intercourse.

Meaning of SHUNT

SHUNT means: Shunt is motor racing slang for a crash.

Meaning of clemmed

clemmed means: Adj. Hungry. Also spelt 'klempt'. [Wigan use. Dialect]

Meaning of Splash of red noise

Splash of red noise means: Bowl of tomato soup

Meaning of Restracto

Restracto means: Ultimate, dark, cool, different, and often violent.

Meaning of For Cear

For Cear means: Seriously or really example :"dude, I saw jenny kissing dave in the gym!" "for cear?" It went from seriously, to cereal, to for real, to for cear

Meaning of Down The Drains

Down The Drains means: Brains

Meaning of BALL OF FIRE

BALL OF FIRE means: Fast run

Meaning of tongue banging

tongue banging means: a scolding

Meaning of DEASTI

Meaning of AUCHUIH

Meaning of ZUAMUYCH

Meaning of GLIOCKYOX

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