Slang pile-driver means

pile-driver means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

What is the slang definition/meaning of pile-driver?

pile-driver means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of pile-driver slang

Slang: pile-driver means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

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Meaning of pile-driver

pile-driver means: Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.


BACKSEAT DRIVER means: Backseat driver is slang for a passenger in a car who offers the driver unwanted advice on how to drive. Backseat driver is London Cockney rhyming slang for skiver.

Meaning of pig-pile

pig-pile means: Describes the act of piling bodies on top of each other. Synonymous with dog-pile.

Meaning of Pile

Pile means: A wood, metal or concrete pole driven into the bottom. Craft may be made fast to a pile; it may be used to support a pier or a float.

Meaning of dog pile

dog pile means: Yelled out joyfully, this term causes any child, especially boys, to look about, see who's down, and pile on top of them. Frequently occurred in casual football games, but happend any time a person went to the ground.


PILE OF BRICKS means: Pile of bricks is Black−American slang for any building in a city

Meaning of driver

driver means:   Someone always on the front upping the tempo eg Hes a hell driver.

Meaning of ROCK PILE

ROCK PILE means: Rock Pile is American slang for prison.

Meaning of kecky rosburg

kecky rosburg means: More or less a Wedgie. Kiki Rosberg was a Formula 1 driver, so his name was bastardised. Contributor doesn't know whether the racing driver connection had any 'skid' connotations.

Meaning of Truckie

Truckie means: Truck driver, lorry driver

Meaning of cabbie

cabbie means: a taxi driver, a cab driver

Meaning of PILE−DRIVER

PILE−DRIVER means: Pile−driver is British slang for a male homosexual.

Meaning of Jock, Driver

Jock, Driver means: Pilot, as in “helo driver,” or “fighter jock.”

Meaning of Pile up Z’s

Pile up Z’s means: Get some sleep

Meaning of pig pile

pig pile means: Sex orgy.

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Meaning of HE−SHE

HE−SHE means: He−she was th century British slang for an effiminate male homosexual.

Meaning of RUB−A−DUB−DUB

RUB−A−DUB−DUB means: Rub−a−Dub−Dub is London Cockney rhyming slang for pub. Rub−a−Dub−Dub is London Cockney rhyming slang for club.Rub−a−Dub−Dub is London Cockney rhyming slang for a loan or advance of money (sub).

Meaning of TAGGER

TAGGER means: Tagger is slang for a graffiti artist.

Meaning of TUSHIE

TUSHIE means: Tushie is American slang for the backside, buttocks.

Meaning of dutch oven

dutch oven means: Noun. The act of breaking wind whilst in bed and then holding one's partner's head beneath the covers.

Meaning of floater

floater means: excrement floating in toilet

Meaning of wack

wack means: Bad. He left the meeting early--a really wack move.

Meaning of wail

wail means: Go fast. You should see his rod wail, man; you couldn't keep up with him.

Meaning of circle jerk

circle jerk means: Hopefully apocryphal 'game' in which a group of males (naturally) stand around masturbating and ejaculating onto a muffin, donut, or a pastry of some sort. The last one to ejaculate has to eat the resulting mess.

Meaning of reefer

reefer means: Marijuana cigarette. Some redneck in a pickup with a gun rack tried to run me off the road.

Meaning of GLAIPT

Meaning of WEARUPH

Meaning of WUIPTAYW

Meaning of OURDIEMTI

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