Slang pretty-boy means

pretty-boy means: A man who is good-looking in an effeminate way.

What is the slang definition/meaning of pretty-boy?

pretty-boy means: A man who is good-looking in an effeminate way.

Meaning of pretty-boy slang

Slang: pretty-boy means: A man who is good-looking in an effeminate way.

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Meaning of pretty-boy

pretty-boy means: Noun. An attractive young man, pretty as opposed to handsome or manly. Occasionally derog. [Often Gay use]

Meaning of pretty much

pretty much means: almost completely ‘looks like she’s pretty much stuffed’

Meaning of pretty

pretty means: quite, to an extent ‘looks pretty good to me mate’

Meaning of sketchy

sketchy means: Used to describe something that might be dangerous or disreputable, i.e. "That guy with all the dead puppies in his yard seems pretty sketchy to me", "That's a pretty sketchy part of town.".

Meaning of PRETTY LIPS

PRETTY LIPS means: Pretty lips is derogatory British slang for someone with full lips.

Meaning of phat, phatty

phat, phatty means: Great. Matt Poitras tells us this was an acronym for "Pretty Hot And Tempting" and is slowly changing its meaning. Comment on someone or something if it is cool or pretty. (ed: this alternative has been received. Anyone like to comment or pass on more info?:) The word was used by Russel Simmoms, (I think the god-father of rap would know if any one would) and he said it best when interviewed about his clothing (phat farm) line was asked what the definition of "phat" is he replied "the epitome of cool" I hope you can think of the rest, source: 24 hrs. with Russel Simmons. (ed: who the hell is Russel Simmons? Also, 'phat' has been around in common use in black culture at least, since the early 1960's - some people think it's a contraction of 'emphatic' rather than a straightforward acronym. We could do with some input here!)

Meaning of Mad

Mad means: Could mean very or a lot "you mad pretty" "that's mad money"

Meaning of PFC

PFC means: Pretty F***ing Cold

Meaning of TPS

TPS means: That's Pretty Stupid

Meaning of Purdy

Purdy means: Pretty.

Meaning of Mad

Mad means: Could mean very or a lot "you mad pretty" "that's mad money"

Meaning of WYSLPG

WYSLPG means: What You See Looks Pretty Good

Meaning of Bookie

Bookie means: Pretty, attractive

Meaning of Pleb

Pleb means: Pretty Hot And Tempting.

Meaning of CWD

CWD means: Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

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Meaning of CIRCLE

CIRCLE means: Circle is old British slang for the vagina.

Meaning of GLASS ARM

GLASS ARM means: Glass arm is baseball slang for a pitcher's arm that is highly prone to injury or strain.

Meaning of PUSH ABOUT

PUSH ABOUT means: Push about is slang for to bully; keep telling a person what to do in a bossy manner.

Meaning of VEARIES

VEARIES means: Vearies is Dorset slang for fairies. Vearies is Dorset slang for weasels.

Meaning of spraff

spraff means: Verb. To chat, talk. E.g."Don't just stand there spraffing, find some work to do."

Meaning of

means: go

Meaning of hurl

hurl means: Blow chunks, barf, vomit.

Meaning of peacemaker

peacemaker means: Eighteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of JONES

JONES means: heroin

Meaning of SHOAWH

Meaning of OYGEASS

Meaning of LOOZAYTY

Meaning of GLYAPSYON

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