Slang semi means

semi means: From semi-erection; i.e. a half erect penis.

What is the slang definition/meaning of semi?

semi means: From semi-erection; i.e. a half erect penis.

Meaning of semi slang

Slang: semi means: From semi-erection; i.e. a half erect penis.

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Meaning of semi

semi means: Noun. A half erect penis. An abb. of semi-erection. [1990s]

Meaning of Semi

Semi means: Somewhat derogatory term for a member of the USN, or more generally anything American. Short for "semi-intelligent". Pronounced "sem-eye".

Meaning of semi

semi means: From semi-erection; i.e. a half erect penis.

Meaning of SEMI

SEMI means: Semi is American slang for a large truck or lorry (an articulated lorry).

Meaning of oxy 80's

oxy 80's means: A semi-synthetic opiate

Meaning of oxycet

oxycet means: A semi-synthetic opiate

Meaning of oxicotten

oxicotten means: A semi-synthetic opiate

Meaning of lazy lob

lazy lob means: Noun. A semi-erect penis. Cf. 'lob on'.

Meaning of jock (2)

jock (2) means: Semi-affectionate generic name for a person from Scotland.

Meaning of chubby, chub

chubby, chub means: A semi-erection partial hard-on.

Meaning of semi-closeted:

semi-closeted: means: Homosexual who denies that he is gay, but is out only to a Gays, one the is in the closets to heterosexual.

Meaning of Road Train

Road Train means: A Truck/Semi with a bunch of trailers hooked on.

Meaning of artic

artic means: n abbr articulated vehicle, usually a large hauling truck or semi.

Meaning of nine

nine means: n. A nine millimeter semi-automatic pistol.  "Man, you best stop mad dawging me or I'll whip out my nine and bust a cap in your #*^%!" 

Meaning of sprog

sprog means: (1) a semi-affectionate term for a child (2) expulsion of production of bronchial congestion, e.g. "I sprogged on the floor.".

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Meaning of TRAFF

TRAFF means: Traff is British slang for wind emitted from the anus (fart).

Meaning of crud (!)

crud (!) means: Noun. Rubbish, something useless. Exclam. An exclamation of disagreement.

Meaning of IBS

IBS means: "Internet Bitch Slap", when someone needs to be slapped up on the other end of the line.

Meaning of BN

BN means: Been -or- Being

Meaning of I could eat horse and chase the rider

I could eat horse and chase the rider means: Australian idiom meaning 'extremely hungry'.

Meaning of BLAST

BLAST means: to smoke crack

Meaning of TAYWHE

Meaning of THOACMU

Meaning of EEFTUYCM

Meaning of YUDSOALSU

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