Slang shaker means

shaker means: Dancing queen.

What is the slang definition/meaning of shaker?

shaker means: Dancing queen.

Meaning of shaker slang

Slang: shaker means: Dancing queen.

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Meaning of shaker/baker/water

shaker/baker/water means: Materials needed to freebase cocaine: shaker bottle, baking soda, water


SHAKER / BAKER / WATER means: material needed to freebase cocaine i.e. shaker bottle, baking soda and water

Meaning of BONE SHAKER

BONE SHAKER means: Bone shaker is British slang for a bumpy form of conveyance.

Meaning of shaker

shaker means: Dancing queen.

Meaning of Paper shaker

Paper shaker means: Cheerleader or Pom Pom girl

Meaning of salt shaker

salt shaker means: a butt, booty, buttocks

Meaning of Hay Seed

Hay Seed means: Deragatory term for a farmer, also called hay shaker.

Meaning of plum-tree shaker

plum-tree shaker means: Eighteeth-century expressions for penis.

Meaning of paper-shaker

paper-shaker means: Cheerleader or pom-pom girl. He's been dating one of the paper-shakers named Fawn.

Meaning of paper-shaker

paper-shaker means: Cheerleader or pom-pom girl. My office is filled with paper-pushers.

Meaning of frappe

frappe means: a term used to cover up a person's name that you don't want to know you are speaking or writing about them.  2. a type of coffee drink made by mixing instant coffee with water in a shaker. Also, any iced coffee drink. 

Meaning of WEED BENDER

WEED BENDER means: Railroaders' derisive term for cowboy, other such terms being hay shaker, clover picker, and plow jockey. Commonest term for cowboy is cowpuncher, which is of railroad origin. Cowboys riding stock trains prod the cattle

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Meaning of JIZZ

JIZZ means: Jizz is slang for semen.

Meaning of Glesga kiss

Glesga kiss means: Noun. A headbutt. Cf 'Glasgow kiss'. [Glasgow use]

Meaning of bad business

bad business means: Trouble. You didn't get any financial aid? That's bad business.

Meaning of dub

dub means: 20 inch chrome rims or wheels. 

Meaning of dunk

dunk means: n. An old Chevy car, usually a Capri or an Impala. A stylish after marketed vintage car that is currently popular.  "Yo, I'm just ridin' in my dunk."  Lyrical reference: TRICK DADDY/DUNK RYDERS - Naked Hustle Remix  dunk riders dunk ride or die (yeah)bizzle blow one n**ga (yeah) 

Meaning of gobstoppers

gobstoppers means: Huge multilayered sweets. Well huge for the mouth of a small child anyway. These changed colour with each layer encouraging the kids to be constantly removing them from their mouths - with filthy hands of course - just so they could see how far they've got. How we didn't get dysentry repeatedly is anyones guess! (ed: not to mention constant wallopings from our mothers for drooling over our clothes! By the way, who remembers Jawbreakers?)

Meaning of I’ll clue you

I’ll clue you means: I’ll fill you in (courtesy of Jim Hip)


PSILOCYBIN means: alkaloid from magic mushrooms


STOCKHOLDER means: Any employee who is always looking out for the company's interests

Meaning of YITCHE

Meaning of AGREUSI

Meaning of IUGLIOMP

Meaning of AODEOKOAZ

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