Slang shoot down means

shoot down means: To insult.

What is the slang definition/meaning of shoot down?

shoot down means: To insult.

Meaning of shoot down slang

Slang: shoot down means: To insult.

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Meaning of SHOOT

SHOOT means: Shoot is slang for discard, get rid of. Shoot is slang for ejaculate.Shoot is slang for inject a drug. Shoot is slang for heroin.Shoot is slang for leave hurriedly.Shoot is American slang for anger, annoyance.

Meaning of shoot off

shoot off means: Verb. To leave quickly, to hurriedly go. E.g."I'm just going to shoot off down to the post office before it closes."

Meaning of Shoot!

Shoot! means: An interjection of disappointment (euphemism for s - - -). Let's shoot some hoops during lunch break.


SHOOT THE BULL means: Shoot the bull is American and Canadian slang for to pass time talking lightly. Shoot the bull isAmerican and Canadian slang for To boast or exaggerate.

Meaning of SHOOT UP

SHOOT UP means: Shoot up is slang for to inject someone, especially oneself with a drug, especially heroin.

Meaning of Shoot!

Shoot! means: An interjection of disappointment (euphemism for s - - -). Shoot! I just ripped my pants.


SHOOT THROUGH means: Shoot Through is Australian slang for to leave or disappear.

Meaning of shoot

shoot means: inject a drug; also shoot up a fix or a shot (usually of heroin)

Meaning of SHOOT A CAT

SHOOT A CAT means: Shoot a cat is British slang for to vomit.


SHOOT THE BREEZE means: Shoot the breeze is American and Canadian slang for to pass time talking lightly.

Meaning of SHOOT ONE'S WAD

SHOOT ONE'S WAD means: Shoot one's wad is slang for ejaculate.

Meaning of To Shoot Out

To Shoot Out means: means to get out of somewhere.ex:"This pub's crap, let's shoot out!"

Meaning of shoot/shoot up

shoot/shoot up means: To inject a drug

Meaning of Shoot through

Shoot through means: An impolite term, to ask or direct someone to leave. e.g. "Shoot through, mate! I'm not interested, okay!" 2. To leave in a hurry


SHOOT ONE'S MOUTH OFF means: Shoot one's mouth off is slang for to talk indiscreetly; to boast or exaggerate.

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Meaning of BLOT

BLOT means: Blot is Australian slang for the anus.

Meaning of BRONK

BRONK means: Bronk is British slang for an erection of the penis.

Meaning of PUKE

PUKE means: Puke is slang for to vomit.

Meaning of pipsqueak

pipsqueak means: Someone small and weedy.

Meaning of stonker

stonker means: (1) an erection (2) excellent, really good, impressive "The party was great - a real stonker!"

Meaning of jugs

jugs means: Female breasts.

Meaning of Blast!

Blast! means: This was an interjection of frustration.

Meaning of Bush-Boogie

Bush-Boogie means: Derived from their jungle origins.

Meaning of GRAEMP

Meaning of UEFTEYJ

Meaning of YAMPIESH

Meaning of IIGNOIMEZ

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