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SM means: Sadism and masochism sexual pleasure derived from pain, torture, domination.

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SM means: Sadism and masochism sexual pleasure derived from pain, torture, domination.

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Slang: SM means: Sadism and masochism sexual pleasure derived from pain, torture, domination.

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Meaning of face like a bulldog chewing a wasp

face like a bulldog chewing a wasp means: Phrs. Very unattractive. Also less commonly heard, face like a bulldog chewing a thistle. E.g."I don't think I'll ask her out, she's not my type and she's got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp."

Meaning of Bomb

Bomb means: If something goes like a bomb it means it is going really well or really fast. Or you could say an event went down like a bomb and it would mean that the people really enjoyed it. In the US the meaning would be almost exactly the reverse.

Meaning of hit 'em up (hit them up)

hit 'em up (hit them up) means: v. To aggressively and at times violently approach and ask someone where they are from; to find out if the person(s)are from any particular gang or crew.  "Aye Tone, go hit them fools up."  Lyrical reference: 2PAC  Grab your glocks when you see 2pacCall the cops when you see 2pac, UhhWho shot me,But, your punks didn't finishNow, you 'bout to feel the wrath of a menaceNigga, I hit 'em up 

Meaning of metgod

metgod means: Pronounced 'met-hod': a phrase used in celebration of a goal in a footy game in the schoolyard. Named after the Dutch striker from the world cup team from (pos.) the Mexico world cup. An update on this definition has been provided which sheds extra light on this term. Also there is now a separate entry for 'Johnny Metgod': He was a defender, rather than a striker, and although a Dutch international, Holland did not qualify for the 1986 tournament in Mexico, losing a qualification play-off in 1985 with close rivals Belgium (who eventually finsihed fourth, fact fans). Johnny played for a long period during the 1980s for Nottingham Forest, hence shouting 'metgod' is a clearer indication that this saying originating someone in that area. Another possibility is that most kickabouts, featuring commentary by the person on the ball at anyone time, invariably involve a cry when the ball goes in of the name of a player who has either been definitively accepted into the pantheon of greats (Pele, Maradona, Ralph Milne etc) or has recently scored a really good goal that was on Football Focus or the Saint and Greavsie. For example, Marco Van Basten featured a lot after his stunner in the final of the 1988 European Championships. Johnny Metgod had a good line in piledriving shots from about 30 yards, and it became both speciality and something he became known for at the time, so any goal scored from distance would be followed by the scorer saying 'Metgod' in a pre-pubescent Motson-like-high-pitched-excited-voice, thus cracking windows nearby.

Meaning of bracelet

bracelet means: A lover to show off.

Meaning of witch

witch means: To arouse sexually and then refuse gratification.

Meaning of Lass

Lass means: A girl or young woman.

Meaning of COCHORNIS

COCHORNIS means: marijuana

Meaning of cougar

cougar means: An older woman dating a younger man. Hey man, where you staying? Dude, I'm couch surfing right now.

Meaning of horse's ass

horse's ass means: A disgusting person. Horse feathers! You never dated Clara Bow!

Meaning of ZODRAY

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Meaning of LIMOUZEA

Meaning of MUACAECHE

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